The hallmarks of our approach

The hallmarks of the Axiom approach are:


We make a difference to your business performance. We do that by offering outstanding solutions that are proven to work.


We’re keen to truly partner with you and put forward creative ideas that add value to your thinking – both strategically and tactically. We actively encourage employee involvement in solution development as it’s proven to drive ownership, results and maximise return on your investment.


We harness storytelling to take advantage of the most effective communication technique ever devised. We use it to win hearts and minds to change behaviour.


With multi-location and disparate workforces, we couple digital solutions with more traditional communication methods and understand and value the importance of face-to-face.


We know in today’s workplace there’s no room for ‘lost in translation’. Your people must be able to understand, regardless of their language, educational attainment or location.


Hearing colleague voices keeps internal messages real and relevant. We advocate highly interactive activities with content influenced by representatives from your workforce whenever possible.


A one size fits all approach rarely works. We help you identify your internal audiences and stakeholders and provide a targeted approach for reaching them with tailored materials.


The most successful communicators follow a circular winning formula: Land, listen, learn, adapt and then land again. We offer a range of measurement services to help you celebrate success and refine future activities to maximise your communication bang for your budget buck.


We’re bursting with ideas and enthusiasm to help you embrace engaging communication strategy, language, design or tactical support to drive the behavioural outcomes you seek.

The Axiom Multiplier

Our passion and expertise in employee engagement run through eight key disciplines:

  1. Leadership coaching
  2. Virtual conferencing
  3. Professional facilitation
  4. Skills development
  5. Compelling communications
  6. Sharing your big picture
  7. Making change happen
  8. Measuring impact

It results in what our clients repeatedly refer to as the Axiom multiplier – increasing the impact we help you deliver by blending services to create results greater than the sum of their parts.