The team

We can help you draw on the exact expertise you need to achieve success. We can deliver entire end-to-end solutions, or partner with your in-house resources and external suppliers.

We can take the lead on a specific activity, if that is the right thing for you, or work behind the scenes. However you choose to partner with us, the team you’ll meet is the team that you’ll work with.

Chris Carey - Managing Director, consultant and facilitator

Chris Carey, Axiom Communications Managing DirectorCredentials

With more than 25 years in employee communication and engagement – the past 20 at the helm of Axiom after holding top corporate communication posts with several multinationals.

As consultant, I help organisations communicate with and engage their people, especially during times of change. I also devise and deliver communication skills training to help people become better communicators and am a seasoned facilitator of conferences and other live events.

I’ve designed and delivered a wide range of employee engagement workshops for CEOs and frontline staff alike in organisations across sectors including pharmaceutical, manufacturing, retail, travel, banking and charities.

When I’m on stage facilitating a big event, I like to use a high-energy, high-impact facilitation style to make the event live long in the memory. I’ll engage your audience and hold their attention – and then get them to identify and commit to pragmatic actions they can take when they get back to the office or factory floor.


My wife Allison, our three children, the dog and Formula One – though the order varies on Grand Prix Sundays!

Favourite film

Monty Python and the Holy Grail – comic genius!

Fran Broady - Consultant and writer

Fran Broady, Axiom CommunicationsCredentials

I have over 25 years’ experience as a professional communicator, helping businesses from a wide range of sectors to get their message across effectively and listen to their employees. I also work regularly as a judge of industry awards and examiner for the Institute of Internal Communication’s Diplomas for Proficiency in Internal Communication.


Playing music – mainly folk-rock fiddle – and being inspired by others’ playing, walking my dog, the north Norfolk coastline, talking French and spending time at our holiday cottage in Normandy, France.

Favourite film

Chocolat and Amelie, two movies that combine my love of French with the feel good factor!

Natasha Bye - Strategist and communicator

Natasha Bye | Axiom CommunicationsCredentials

I’m an experienced strategist, communicator, and comedian. I’m an advocate for clarity, straight talking and humour in business. Whether planning or presenting, taking the time to think of your audience is what matters.

I am a scientist by background, with a PhD in Biology and Biochemistry. I have spent 20 years in the healthcare and nutrition industry. I have held multiple Executive positions within a multi-national environment from Medical Affairs, Communications and Public Affairs through to Sales and Marketing Director roles. Breaking down silos between departments is where the good things happen.

Also, I am a public speaker, trainer and performer in improvised comedy and stand-up comedian. I am as comfortable talking to three people and a dog in a pub, through to 1,000 people at a hybrid conference.


Socialising and meeting other humans; anything funny (especially messing about with my local Improvised Comedy Group); thrillers and horror films; and yomping through muddy fields with the kids.

Favourite musician

Freddie Mercury. He was a phenomenal singer and song-writer, but more than anything he was a superb entertainer. He put his audience first, every time. RIP Freddie!

Alex Duff - Consultant and writer

Alex Duff, Axiom CommunicationsCredentials

Storyteller, ghost writer and all-round communicator with two decades of multi-disciplined communications experience, all gained with internationally-loved household brands. As a consultant I help organisations communicate with impact by turning complex information into simple, accessible and engaging content. I’m passionate about driving change by creatively connecting people to the issues that matter and cutting through the noise by making words count.


Stories that surprise, kindness and social justice.

Favourite film

The Usual Suspects – genius storytelling!

Miles Henson - Consultant and facilitator

Miles Henson, Axiom CommunicationsCredentials

Communication and behavioural change specialist with an ability to connect at all levels from the coalface to the boardroom, helping organisations engage their people and inspire them to deliver better performances.

I’m an experienced conference and event facilitator and a member of the World Speakers Association.

As a trainer, I’ve designed and delivered communication skills training for organisations worldwide such as Alstom, AstraZeneca, BMW, BT, HBOS, HSBC and Lloyds Banking Group. I’ve collected almost as many case studies as air miles.


Passionate about Manchester United, Formula 1, my wife Jo and my two children, good food and great wine. Never quite sure which order they should come in priority!

Favourite music

Queen. Great mix of style, sounds, flamboyance, tastes and passion …just like me!

Sheila Hirst - Consultant, coach and facilitator

Sheila Hirst, Axiom CommunicationsCredentials

More than 30 years’ experience of managing organisational change and communication gained in senior management roles in multinationals and SMEs and in work as a coach, consultant and facilitator in global organisations.

Sheila specialises in helping individual leaders and leadership teams understand how their own communication shapes their organisational culture and influences employee engagement. She helps them discover and use their authentic voice in the stories they tell to themselves and others. She also works with the power of story to create connection between diverse groups helping them understand and relate to each other to create effective working.

Sheila has worked extensively across cultures both national and organisational with individuals and groups experiencing transformational change. Her recent clients include HM Government, AstraZeneca, Bridon, Ford, HMRC, Pfizer and Cancer Research. She also runs regular Coaching Skills for Communicators courses for the Institute of Internal Communications.


Good craic as they say in Ireland, theatre, London Wasps and so much more…

Cami Joerin - Consultant and coach

Cami Joerin | Axiom CommunicationsCredentials

More than 25 years experience in internal communication, employee engagement and change, both in-house and consultancy with blue chip clients in the private and public sectors including b2b, defence, financial services, retail and pharma.

Cami is passionate about the employee experience and a firm believer in joined up communication to reduce the ‘noise’ and burden on the employee.

Her specialisms include strategic internal communication consultancy to maintain morale during times of change and ambiguity, HR communication, inspiring campaigns, global benchmarking, (measurement design and focus group facilitation), channel creation and management including events, web, audio and publications, and employer brand strategy, touch point audits and embedding.

She takes responsibility for managing communication from planning to delivery and measurement, and seeks to develop harmonious relationships with stakeholders throughout the process.

As a business coach Cami enjoys supporting her clients to identify what makes them thrive and the opportunities they have for stretch, growth and self-development, ultimately to enable them to flourish, meet their potential and find meaning in their work.


Reading, travel and keeping fit (supported by a regular glass of wine!).

Paul Johnson - Writer and writing skills trainer

Paul Johnson, Axiom CommunicationsCredentials

More than 20 years helping organisations talk to their employees, customers and shareholders in print, in speech and online. From a global bank’s new strategy to the launch of a new skin cream to the finer points of competition law, I’ve written about it.

From time to time, I get let out of the office to deliver Axiom’s writing skills training. I enjoy passing on some of the skills and knowledge I’ve managed to acquire over the years.


Top of the list is time with my wife and twins. Other than that, swimming, biking, reading and going to the beach. If I’m very lucky, I get to squeeze them into a single day.

Favourite book

Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell. Sheer storytelling brilliance!

Paul Kinkaid - Consultant and facilitator


Paul Kinkaid, Axiom CommunicationsA former Army Commando and Lieutenant Colonel, Paul has led elite teams in some of the most challenging environments imaginable. He left his 20-year career with the forces, as the British Army’s Head of Training Development, to share his expertise and experiences with business.

Paul’s trademark calm approach, coupled with a laser-like focus on achieving strategic and personal outcomes, effectively ensures employers and their employees reach what he calls ‘the desired end-state’. Paul has a wealth of academic and vocational credentials which see him qualified as; a Mental Health First Aid Instructor, a coach and a mentor.


Spending time with the family out on the Dorset coast, on the beach or mountain biking in the New Forest, rugby, scuba diving, my motorcycle and laughing; I love a good belly laugh!

Favourite dessert

This is a close run thing between a banoffee pie or mint-choc-chip ice cream.

Kathryn Kneller – Consultant, coach and writer


Kathryn Kneller | Axiom Communications

I’ve spent over 15 years leading communications for some of the world’s biggest and best-loved organisations including Nokia, HSBC, Vodafone, AstraZeneca and Unilever. During that time I’ve specialised in business transformation and change programmes, often in the tech, data and digital space, and worked closely with senior leaders to build trust and help their stakeholder communications to cut through.

I’ve trained as a coach, and have a particular interest in good writing. I have a degree in English Literature and History from the University of Cambridge and a post-graduate diploma in Japanese from Nihon University in Tokyo.


Travel, food, and music are my passions: I spend part of the year living in south-west France and regularly contribute to The Royal Tour, a travel blog. When I’m not working, cooking, eating or playing the saxophone, I’m probably out on my motorbike or on Hampstead Heath throwing sticks for my 4 year old collie, Rosie.

Favourite film

Some Like It Hot – it’s a comedy classic. It’s gorgeous to look at, the script zings along and Jack Lemmon only has to appear on screen for me to start laughing.

Dr Domna Lazidou - Consultant and facilitator

Dr Domna Lazidou, Axiom CommunicationsCredentials

25-plus years’ experience as a consultant to global organisations combined with academic research.

As an expert in culture and communication with a PhD from Cranfield University, Domna works with multinational organisations to help them deal with the communication and leadership issues of the multicultural workplace. She helps them to map existing culture, develop and deliver culture and communication strategies, increase employee engagement across borders and improve intercultural effectiveness.

Domna’s culture work includes designing and facilitating culture change workshops, among others with Airbus engineering teams, Microsoft EMEA leaders and Cabinet Office public servants. She has worked with clients to design and facilitate values communication programmes including for Birmingham Midshires, BAE Systems and Compaq/HP. She has conducted several culture and communication audits including for Pfizer and Stryker EMEA among others. She also regularly designs and delivers bespoke training for executives in intercultural communication, diversity and leading across borders, most recently for Chugai, Denso and NHS Leaders and also in partnership with Madrid and Oxford Said Business Schools.

Domna combines her corporate work with classroom teaching. She teaches intercultural communication for business and the professions to MSc students at Warwick University and is a lead tutor at the newly launched Masters in Internal Communication Management at Solent University. She also runs open training programmes in Communication, Culture and Engagement for the Institute of Internal Communication.


Books, Shakespeare, the sea, the music of Manos Hatzidakis, good debate, walking. But most of all my family.

Mike Masih - Graphic Designer

Mike Masih, Axiom CommunicationsCredentials

I have been a graphic designer for more than 20 years and have worked in the Energy, Healthcare, Leisure, Space, Horticulture, Sport and Real Estate sectors.


I love cooking, going for long walks in the countryside or by the sea and hanging out with my family. My favourite food is curry – in fact I’d be happy to have curry for breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday!

Favourite music

At the moment my favourite artist is Odesza but my guilty pleasure is pretty much anything from the 80’s pop scene.

Jeremy Morgan - Designer

Jeremy Morgan, Axiom CommunicationsCredentials

I deliver visual communication across the full range of media. In more than 25 years of design practice, I have worked in sectors including healthcare, automotive, professional services, utility, arts and culture, and FMCGs.


I enjoy running, cycling and hiking as well as developing my contemporary art practice which sees me regularly take part in exhibitions.

Favourite music

The Stones, Iggy and The Stooges, Suede, Strokes, and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs are a few which spring to mind – disreputable rock ‘n’ roll basically!

Neil Munz-Jones - Consultant, facilitator and speaker

Neil Munz-Jones, Axiom CommunicationsCredentials

Prior to becoming a consultant in 2005, I spent 15 years in senior posts for large multi-national organisations. A specialist in strategy development and execution, I have a proven track record, gained primarily with global concerns. I have successfully facilitated over 50 strategy workshops across five continents and in four languages.

A qualified Executive Coach, I coach and mentor a wide variety of people in business and other sectors, including young leaders in the early stages of their careers.

I have also published “The Reluctant Networker” and give inspirational talks to a wide variety of audiences in the UK and internationally on networking for people who know they ought to do it, but would rather not if they don’t have to!


In addition to my family (wife and 3 sons), I love cricket and I am involved as a youth coach at my sons’ club.

Favourite holiday destinations

South Africa, India and pretty much anywhere in Italy.

Michelle Nicholson - Consultant

Michelle Nicholson, Axiom CommunicationsCredentials

With 20 years of in-house communications and change management experience in professional services, I honed my skills in communications, marketing, strategy and change management – while also learning agility and the art of compromise working across different geographies and cultures.

As a consultant, I apply the skills I have learned to help companies face the challenges of today – whether that is writing clear content to inspire employees, to making sure any change management plan brings everyone along on the journey. Put simply: I enjoy helping teams to see the bigger picture and connect the dots to get things done.


Travelling the world, history, seeking out great food-wine-coffee, sailing and Pilates.

Favourite book

The Lord of the Rings for the epic journey. My guilty pleasure, any historical fiction set during the Tudor or Plantagenet era.

Brett Price - Video director and producer

Brett Price, Axiom CommunicationsCredentials

Lots of years making broadcast and corporate TV from documentaries to commercials to corporate communications. I have a thorough knowledge of filmmaking from the first stages of generating ideas through to final project delivery.


Finding new and interesting ways of telling a story, surfing, photography, strolling around English Heritage homes and gardens, punk and old soul music.

Favourite writers

Iain Banks for his contemporary tales and Isabel Allende for her passionate and colourful stories.

Hugh Price - Event and video producer

Hugh Price, Axiom CommunicationsCredentials

Many years working in London production companies, subsequently specialising in live internal communication events with Axiom.


Charity banger rallies to far-flung European destinations. Transylvania here we come!

Favourite comedian

Eddie Izzard

Samantha Rogers - Consultant

Samantha Rogers | Axiom CommunicationsCredentials

I’m a quantitative research specialist with over 20 years in the industry. Research is a passion and I want it to work as hard as possible within any organisation. It’s important to me that research drives action, therefore whatever the study it’s key that the foundation and meaning is understood by anyone who engages with the research – clarity is everything.

I design and deliver full-service research solutions (ad hoc and tracking) from audience and market understanding to initiative/product evaluation and impact assessment.


Walking in the woods with my husband and little girl, trying out new recipes (with varying success) plus anything else that my 6 year old daughter says I like!

Favourite music

Too much to choose from but I love listening to a bit of loud rock music in the car (when we’re not listening to Now That’s What I Call Disney).

Vicky Ryce - Consultant

Vicky Ryce, Axiom CommunicationsCredentials

I’ve enjoyed 25 years communications and international marketing experience across a broad range of sectors and multinational brands in both agency and in-house roles. As a consultant, I now apply the skills I’ve honed over the years to the unique challenges faced by the organisations I work with.

I’m fortunate to have gained extensive experience in internal communications, specifically change management and employee engagement and advocacy and I particularly enjoy seeing the spark of excitement in employees when they realise the opportunity change can bring.


I love moving and sitting still in equal measures! So, walking, horse riding, skiing and scuba diving are high on my list and so is reading, watching movies, playing board games and enjoying a meal with great company.

Favourite book

I couldn’t possibly choose just one book, but one of my favourite authors is Jane Austin – I think I’ve read all her works at least twice!

Mik Wilkojc - Podcast producer and presenter

Mik Wilkojc, Axiom CommunicationsCredentials

Over 35 years of experience in producing high-end radio and audio programmes both with BBC Radio, where I have worked on every national network and, latterly, as an independent producer. Having joined the BBC as a graduate trainee, I learned the craft of communicating through sound by working with some of the greats in radio. The skills I have include engineering, mixing, editing, microphone craft, scriptwriting and production at an executive level. My breadth of experience means I am at ease with both seasoned performers and newcomers.

Career highlights range from working on Live Aid to producing BBC Radio’s first ever wire-free outside broadcast. I have won two Sony Awards for documentaries that I wrote and produced. When DAB/online was introduced in the UK, I was part of the set-up team on two of the BBC’s currently most successful digital stations.

I have been an associate with Axiom since day one, producing quality audio for major corporations – on audio cassettes in the ‘90s through to podcasts today.

I am at home in and out of the studio and, having been raised bilingual, my facility with languages means that I’m adept at working with people who have English as a second language, a skill I honed when with BBC World Service.

In a nutshell? Sound experience.


Time with my family, travelling, music, photography, art and football.

Favourite film

Leon – excellent performances and stellar soundtrack

Favourite band

Steely Dan – I own everything they ever recorded and travelled to see them in New York and San Francisco.