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A vision of success

By 25th July 2018January 4th, 2020Blog, Sharing your big picture
Chess set with pieces casting a bigger picture shadow

Five reasons why sharing your ‘Big Picture’ will improve business performance

You’ve got a vision for your organisation, a strategy to get you there, key actions you need to execute. Now all you need to do is take the entire workforce with you on the journey and align their actions to deliver success. Of course, that’s easier said than done, but there is an employee engagement technique, with a proven track record, that will help.

Enter the ‘Big Picture’ internal communication tool. Also referred to as rich images or learning maps. Big Pictures, with their supporting notes and exercises, combine two of the most effective communication techniques ever devised; the impact of visual imagery and the power of storytelling.

We’ve been helping many of the world’s leading organisations rise to their engagement challenges, through Big Pictures, for over 15 years now. Here are five more reasons why the process works.

1. Big Pictures create total clarity around what you need to communicate

The very act of creating a Big Picture requires total clarity around what you need to communicate, and therefore illustrate, and equally importantly what you don’t. Key to success is keeping things simple. Better to communicate 10 clearly and concisely, than 30 things and cause confusion.

2. Big Picture visual metaphors work globally

A carefully chosen visual metaphor works across ‘borders’, be they geographic, functional or hierarchical. The act of co-creating your metaphor with representatives from throughout your organisation is engaging in itself. It also helps to ensure your adopted metaphor is as cynic proof as possible.

3. Big Pictures drive dialogue about delivering your strategy

The visual metaphor you adopt helps colleagues engage in conversations about your strategy using words that make sense for them, triggered by your Big Picture. The supporting notes for senior leaders and line-managers that accompany the Big Picture deliver consistent messages, whilst encouraging local discussion on how to deliver success, via interactive exercises.

4. Big Pictures trigger ownership of outcomes locally

Given encouragement, the creativity of local teams in producing their own, Big Picture inspired, communication activities is extraordinary. From themed canteen areas, to fancy dress launches and innovative action planning activities, we’ve seen some remarkably engaging, locally owned activities – all about delivering your strategy.

5. Big Pictures deliver results

We’ve been tracking the impact that Big Picture campaigns have on performance for years. Our clients’ own research consistently points to a demonstrable improvement in the key metrics they care most about. And we’ve seen an improvement in the ability of leaders to bring the key messages to life in their part of the business.

So if you want to align the actions of everyone in your organisation to help you deliver your vision, you’d do well to consider the Big Picture!

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