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How an agile employee engagement app can help you connect with your people and improve their experience

By 18th September 2023May 22nd, 2024Blog, Developing communication skills
Business people using mobile and tablet in a meeting

What do you think is on the minds of colleagues right now? Are they fired up and engaged? Disinterested? Fearful? Keen to stay or desperate to leave? There is a way to know for sure, target your actions and improve your employee experience… enter the Engage App, now with new and improved features. 

Staying in touch with the ‘word on the street’ is critical when it comes to improving employee engagement. Not being tuned into what your colleagues and team members think and feel can mean being disconnected from their reality and the real employee experience.

Genuinely tuning in to your people’s needs and views is essential; and it shouldn’t just be an organisation-wide activity such as pulse surveys, or even an annual exercise, especially with the rise in remote employees and colleagues working from home; you need something that is much more targeted.

That is why Axiom partnered with IT hummingbird to develop an agile employee engagement app that allows you to collect feedback, 24/7/365, providing you with the insights to meet the needs of your people company wide.

Engage: The Employee Engagement App

Engage is a mobile app that quickly and easily allows you to dial into the ‘hot topics’ of discussion in your organisation, and is specifically designed to measure the success of your employee experience programmes and engagement activities. The data you gather can then be used to help you understand how your people feel about working in your business and accurately target future activities.

This continually updated app collects views, ideas and feedback from across your workforce. ‘Engage’gives you comprehensive and reliable data on the key issues that drive your company culture, how well your key messages are being received and understood and, over time, builds an engagement index for each of your discreet audiences. And you get all of this in real time on your tablet or mobile.

Responding to client feedback, the latest version of the App includes the functionality to score specific statement of your own choosing. For example, you could take a question from your pulse check, employee opinion survey, or research a topic that you want to investigate further with individual audiences.

This new survey feature allows for quick and easy surveys to be created and distributed for participants to take on the device of their choice, with real time reporting for management insights. Depending on the survey results, the Word on the Street feature can be used to drill down for deeper insights on specific topics. This will help you check, for example, how well your action plan is working or address an issue you’ve pinpointed through other features of the app such as Mood Clouds.

Measuring the mood of your workforce

User-friendly infographics and advanced word clouds show where communications are cutting through and where they are not. Mood Clouds clearly visualise not only the important words, but also the feelings behind them, providing a whole new level of granularity to employee feedback. It can be used to help uncover the real views and concerns of your leaders and their team members.

You can then use this communication app to dive deeper into the data and identify trends in particular areas which can also be used to shape your corporate messaging, to truly help address the issues that matter most to them.

What Engage delivers: key features

For your employees

  • Interactive, fun activities
  • Channel for employee feedback
  • Built-in recognition scheme
  • The chance to have your voice heard
  • Anonymity option, enhancing psychological safety

For your comms teams

  • The option to dive deeper on literally any topic
  • Valuable informatics to shape internal communications and engagement activity
  • Snapshots of excellence and under-performance
  • Full brand customisation
  • Audience segmentation options
  • Notification pushes

For your leaders

  • The opportunity to score specific statements, via a survey feature
  • At-a-glance engagement index
  • A new channel to understand employee sentiment
  • A way to gauge the return on investment in comms and engagement – at last!

Find out how you could use Engage in your organisation, via a no-obligations discovery call.