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How an agile employee engagement app can help you connect with your people

By 18th September 2017January 4th, 2020Blog, Developing communication skills
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What’s on the minds of colleagues right now? Are they fired up and engaged? Disinterested? Fearful? Now there’s a way to know for sure

Staying in touch with the ‘word on the street’ is critical in connecting with an audience. Getting it wrong can have serious consequences – just ask Theresa May, David Cameron, and countless other political leaders. In business too, not being tuned into what your colleagues think and feel can mean being disconnected from reality.

A couple of years ago, I was working with a senior leader about to invest in bringing together 500 managers from across his retail business for a conference. My job was to help him shape his keynote. To start with, I asked him what his top five messages were and he quickly trotted out a list of strategic goals. “And what do you think your audience is actually talking about right now?” I asked. Cue a long pause until he very honestly volunteered: “I’ve no idea… but I guess you’re going to tell me we should find out.”

A quickly organised piece of research revealed absolutely zero correlation between what he planned to say and what his people wanted to know. Armed with this insight, we were able to position his key strategic messages in a context that would meet the needs of his audience – and to great effect, according to their feedback.

Of course, keeping in touch with your people’s needs and views shouldn’t just be an ad hoc or even annual exercise. Far better to have a reliable, accurate and easy way of keeping in constant touch with the word on the street. We’ve worked with our partner IT Hummingbird to develop an agile employee engagement app to do just that.

Engage with an agile employee engagement app

Engage is a mobile app that quickly and easily allows you to dial in to the hot topics in your business. This next-generation employee engagement app collects real-time views, ideas and feedback from across the workforce. The data can be dissected at the click of a button by role, function, site and so on. User-friendly infographics and advanced word clouds show where communications are cutting through and where they are not.

If I’d had an agile employee engagement app in my locker back when I was working with that retail client, it would have made life much easier… We’d use it to discover the views and concerns of conference participants and also of the teams they lead. We’d dive deeper into the data to identify trends in particular areas. We’d then present the insights to leaders and use them to shape the whole conference.

Then, of course, we’d deploy the app afterwards to check how well the conference messages were getting through and being understood. And we’d use it on an on-going basis to monitor the mood around planned strategic changes and other specific topics. All of which would inform the evolving communication plan.

Engage to stay connected

Find out how you could use Engage in your business to help you stay connected by booking a demo today.

The alternative might be that, like some politicians, you become disconnected, lose your mandate to lead and then your best people; and maybe even your customers vote with their feet.

Find out more about the Engage, the agile employee engagement app.