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Communicators get on their bikes to roadtest latest audience engagement tech

By 7th November 2014November 22nd, 2022Blog, Shaping interactive conferences
Cyclists in a race

Steering a virtual cycling team to success!

More than 50 communications professionals managed to coordinate their efforts to steer a virtual cycling team to success in a multi-player game with Axiom founder Chris Carey in the role of team manager.

Attendees at the Innovating Interaction event hosted by Axiom partner firm Crystal Interactive used their iPads in unison to play the game. The app monitored delegates’ collective decisions and Chris helped them use the feedback to improve their performance.

This was just one of the highlights of Crystal’s showcase of the latest audience engagement technology.

In addition, delegates got to try out a new conference app that can turn delegate input into instant infographics.

They also took part in a ‘hackathon’ – a collective brainstorm on iPads – to come up with ideas to improve the UK’s transport infrastructure. They generated more than 90 ideas and the facilitator then helped the audience identify and refine the best ideas – all in under seven minutes.

Axiom regularly use Crystal’s audience engagement technology in the conferences and events we design, produce and facilitate.

Crystal’s blog post about the event and the engagement tech showcased there