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How to make your virtual event even better than an in-person one

By 30th November 2020November 22nd, 2022Blog, Virtual events
Chris Carey running a virtual conference

When Covid-19 hit it not only robbed us of the opportunity to meet face-to-face, but also of the ability to run events in the way we normally would.

Most of us continued to work under the assumption that the pandemic would cause short-term delays to our events plans, but as time went on it became clear that we’d have to find new ways of working. No business can wait a year to share its vision, goals and key messages.

You might now find yourself in a situation where holding an event is more critical to your business than ever; where you need to inform, engage, and inspire action – urgently.

And yet you may be apprehensive. Can a virtual event ever be as good as an in-person one?

At Axiom, we believe the answer to that question is no…it can be so much better!

In this article, we’ll explain the way that we approach virtual events to get amazing results that exceed our client’s expectations.

Why you should consider a virtual event

As experienced event management, employee engagement and communication practitioners we have successfully designed and delivered live events for the best part of three decades.

Over the years, our events have evolved from being entirely in-person, through hybrids (featuring online conference techniques) to complete digital experiences. In the last quarter alone, we’ve delivered major virtual events for those in the pharmaceuticals, healthcare, engineering, and energy industries.

A recent client said:

“We had amazing engagement – probably much greater than we’d have ever seen face-to-face.”

Embracing the power of interactive, collaborative technology is key

Whether you want to reach and rouse 50 or 1,050 employees, it’s possible to design, produce, and facilitate highly interactive, action-oriented events that aren’t only virtual but vibrant and valued.

Axiom has been embracing this sort of virtual conferencing for years now. We’re not just talking about familiar platforms like Zoom, WebEx or MS Teams to host online events, but interactive and customisable platform technology that screams quality and engages people – making events that sparkle and stand out from the crowd.

Over the years we’ve worked with many virtual conferencing providers, but we aren’t tied to any. Instead, we carefully select the right one to seamlessly deliver the event that gets the best results for our clients.

“I never imagined in my wildest dreams we could achieve so much with a virtual event… and you made the process fun.”

We work with you from beginning to end to achieve your vision and act as the interface between you, the technology supplier and all others involved.

Our approach

When you decide to partner with us, we’ll make sure that we understand your specific goals and challenges. Then we help you translate that into an informative, interactive and inspiring event – one that leads to action and continues to make an impact, even after the event.

We do this through:

  • Collaboration – We partner with you, adding value throughout the process, to provide the successful event and desired outcomes you need.
  • Engagement – We’re a team with boundless energy and creativity. We help you deliver an engaging event that gets people talking and taking action – even once they’re back doing their day jobs.
  • Expertise – We’re a dynamic team of subject matter experts. Chris Carey, Axiom’s Managing Director, is your single point of contact. He’s supported by Axiom’s other experts who are pulled in on demand.

“I couldn’t have asked for a better collaborator than Axiom – they were amazing to work with.  They had great ideas, coached us through sessions and gave us incredible tips for how to make our virtual event a big success.”

Our proven virtual events skilfully blend our communication, engagement, facilitation and conferencing experience, with powerful tech that gets your participants meaningfully involved, inspired, and interacting.

Our five practical tips to make sure your virtual event is a success

  1. Articulate and deliver your key messages; coaching your speakers, panellists, and hosts in advance to get everyone’s content, performance, tech and technique right.
  2. Blend live, pre-recorded and interactive content.  Your audience can’t tell the difference and it takes the pressure off your speakers to be word perfect, first time!
  3. Recruit your audience and drive excitement so that people sign-up, sign-in and stay-on.
  4. Put plans in place to make sure that everything runs smoothly on the day.  Having convened great speakers and an eager audience, you want everyone to see, hear and get involved. We work as a bridge between you and the tech people to ensure everything goes smoothly.
  5. Professionally record the event so your message doesn’t just get out there – it stays out there.

Online events are the solution for now and for the future

With the right technology, training and support there is absolutely no need to wait another minute to reconvene your people and get them re-aligned, re-engaged and performing at their best.

While others have been playing catch up by pivoting to digital this year, the hallmark of Axiom’s approach is, and always has been, highly interactive, action-oriented events, powered by collaborative technology.

“We’d envisaged an in-person launch event, but COVID-19 happened.  The easy move would have been to delay… instead, we hosted our first virtual event.  We turned to Axiom who helped us deliver a conference that exceeded all expectation.  From the outset Axiom understood what we wanted to achieve, were enthusiastic, and offered a lot of support…The outcome was so good, and Axiom deserves at least half the glory for that.  Their quote was also competitive, so it really wasn’t a difficult decision for us to go with Axiom in the end.  It was wonderful to work with Axiom, they are a great company, and I would work with them again anytime.”

Dr Anna Einarsdottir, Senior Lecturer, University of York
At the launch of LGBT+ employee networks report in October 2020

If you’d like to learn more about how we could co-create an energetic and effective virtual event, call us on +44 (0)33 3088 3088 or email