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Life-changing speaker coaching helps senior execs make an impact worldwide

By 18th June 2014January 4th, 2020Blog, Developing communication skills
Presenting with confidence

Speaker coaching by Axiom founder Chris Carey has helped senior scientists in one of the world’s top pharmaceutical companies overcome nerves and learn to present with impact

Our clients were due to speak to scientific and non-scientific colleagues at sites worldwide about changes to the company’s approach to drug development. One-to-one coaching sessions over several weeks helped them develop their story, boost their confidence and enhance their delivery.

Says Chris: “We started by getting the speakers use the power of storytelling to find a way to engage their audience and make their messages clear and memorable. We also helped them discover and embrace their natural styles so they were able to come across as authentic, credible and passionate.

“At the end of our work together, one participant described the coaching as genuinely life-changing.”

Chris adds: “For many of us, public speaking can be anxiety-provoking if not downright terrifying. Yet by working with people on their underlying beliefs and thoughts and then exploring and embedding best-practice presentation ideas and techniques, it’s possible to overcome this barrier and become a confident presenter who can captivate an audience.”

Developing communication skills