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Marketing from the inside out

By 25th June 2014January 4th, 2020Blog, Developing communication skills
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However eye-catching and novel a communication programme might be, for it to be effective it has to start with careful work behind the scenes

For one, that means analysing the needs, concerns and expectations of the audience. It also involves articulating with precision the key messages that will cut through all the noise. This vital groundwork is what Axiom has been helping a German medical supplies company with in recent weeks.

We facilitated a meeting of the company’s top team to support them in building a ‘manifesto’ that sets out their communication aims, audiences and messages and identifies the channels they will use. The document will also cover where the business has come from, where it is today and where it needs to be in the future. It highlights the mission, vision and values and, critically, the company’s strategic priorities and key performance indicators.

This manifesto is set to become the source from which all the company’s communication messages are derived. It will help ensure consistency in communication to internal and external stakeholders, aligning employees’ beliefs and behaviours with the company’s strategy.

We will be following up this initial work by running communication skills workshops for members of the top team so they are equipped to convey the new messages with impact.

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