Remploy case study

Remploy logoThe power of collaboration

Imagine bringing together every single member of staff at a major event to engage them in the challenges facing the organisation, brainstorm solutions and agree actions for immediate implementation. Well, that’s just what was achieved by Remploy, the UK’s leading provider of employment services for disabled people, with help from Axiom in designing and facilitating the event.

In another example of Axiom’s innovative approach to interactive conferences, we used tablet laptops to encourage all 600 Remploy employees to take an active part in the event, debating the key issues facing the organisation and helping decide the way forward. With help from our facilitator, delegates generated more than 2,000 ideas, which we then helped them to boil down into an agreed set of actions and a plan for implementation.

The event made a significant contribution to Remploy’s future plans and levels of employee engagement – a textbook example of the power of genuine collaboration.

What our client says

“Working with Axiom was great. I really appreciated the attention to detail, the commitment to understanding our business not just our event, and the early engagement, which helped us to design a highly interactive event.”

“Axiom exceeded my expectations by becoming an integral part of our conference team. Chris pushed our boundaries, brought ideas to the conference we would never have thought of, and encouraged us to challenge what we were trying to achieve and how. As a result, we developed not only an outstanding national conference but an integrated communications strategy.”

“We sought to create a highly participative event which our employees would engage with. Months later, people are still talking about the event. Chris’s facilitation kept the event on schedule, to the right pace and created a fantastic atmosphere. I really look forward to being able to work with Axiom again.”
Beth Carruthers, Remploy

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