Vertex case study

Vertex logoStrategy that delivers results

We worked with Vertex (part of United Utilities) to develop a strategy to communicate its annual business plan to employees and help them understand their role in delivering it.

Over several years, we supported our client in implementing the strategy. This work included producing a communication toolkit for line managers and attention-grabbing materials to convey the key messages to frontline employees. Immediately after the communication activity, we measured the results through the employee opinion survey we ran for the client.

One of the key findings of the opinion survey highlights the effectiveness of our work to help create and implement the Vertex communication strategy (as well as indicating our approach to measurement):

Positive responses to the statement “I understand what our team has to do and how our team helps Vertex achieve its goals and objectives”

Year 1: 20%
Year 2: 25%
Year 3: 29%
Year 4: 91%

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