eLearning Business Communication courses

Now everyone, from large organisations through to growing SMEs, can experience Axiom’s skills development programs at the click of a button with our new eLearning training videos.

Harness over two decades of experience to give you the communication tools and techniques needed for effective internal communication and improved employee engagement.

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Learn effective business communication with your personal coach

Watch and grow as our highly experienced, inspiring practitioners, coach you through each training video with the engaging, high energy, dynamic approach that Axiom have become renowned for.

In each of our videos, we share the skills needed to lead effectively and help you achieve your organisational goals through world-class communication, while giving you the confidence and motivation to take what you have learnt and put it into practice in the workplace with immediate effect.

Presenting Brilliantly Online eLearning Course

With more and more people now working virtually and with the rise of international collaboration, there has never been a more important time to build your ability to present brilliantly online. You will learn about the best practices we can retain from the ‘old world’, what to do differently when presenting online and how to keep your audience fully engaged during virtual meetings.

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The Power of Storytelling eLearning Course

Crafting and telling effective stories in business can make your communication really stand out. It’s a skill that has been highly prized for thousands of years and now you can learn the key points in minutes. You will learn about why storytelling works in business, the four steps of successful story telling, the essential ingredients of a good business story and how to harness the superpowers of great storytellers.

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Online courses with Axiom and our partners e-Aspire

All our courses are available for purchase through our carefully selected virtual learning partner, e-Aspire; and their unique learning management system, Channel2Learning (C2L).

The highly talented team at e-Aspire have been producing learning courses and training videos for leading organisations for over two decades. Now, Axiom can add our 25+ years of experience in internal comms and employee engagement training to the world of interactive online learning.

Prefer your skills development delivered ‘live’? Here are details of Axiom’s range of skills development workshops.

We're thrilled to now be able to convert over two and a half decades of face-to-face, and live online, skills development experience into practical and pragmatic eLearning workshops, packed full of the tips, tools and techniques that Axiom has become famous for.

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