Compelling communications

You need compelling content that is understood and acted upon. We bring your messages to life. We can do that virtually and in the real world by developing, designing and delivering creative content that secures results.

During times of turbulence, people want more not less communication. They also want that communication to be compelling. Leaders that step up to deliver are better trusted. Their teams are higher performing and deliver greater results. So, if you need a helping hand to win the hearts and minds of your people with some compelling content, we can help.

We design and develop all kinds of creative content. From stand-alone pieces to comprehensive campaigns we can help with:

  • Editorial
  • Presentations
  • Speaker scripts
  • Slideware
  • Podcasts
  • Film clips
  • Video
  • Big Pictures

Our approach to creating compelling content

We work with you to create compelling content that tackles your real-world communication challenges. That content connects on- or off- line, to win the hearts and minds of your people.

It doesn’t matter where your teams are working, when it comes to motivating them to act, you need your communications to deliver not disrupt.

We blend our creative and technical expertise. We can create compelling content for virtual meetings of all sizes. We can also bring campaigns to life on intranets, microsites, Jive, Chatter, Yammer, Workplace, etc.

For all the beauty and brilliance of technology though, the reality is that some colleagues can’t always access it. That’s why we still value the power of conventional, often printed, communication materials. Compelling content needs to reach all your people and meet their needs to be effective.

That’s why we often supplement your existing internal channels with ambient media, deployed in all sorts of unexpected places, to bring your messages to life.

Why partner with Axiom to meet your communications content goals?

The reason our clients repeatedly work with us is because they love our flexible approach, practical solutions, and proven, lasting results.

That flexibility enables us to:

  • Design stand-alone compelling content or comprehensive campaigns
  • Provide a full or part service model. You can pick and mix from: design, development, production, translation and/or fulfilment
  • Oversee your entire end-to-end content solutions or work with your in-house or existing third-party resources

It doesn’t matter if you need to reach 50 or 50,000, want end-to-end management or support with certain aspects. We work flexibly with you to make your content compelling, so it connects and catapults your people to action.

“Axiom helped us initiate a fresh, bottom-up approach to our communications. They involved frontline employees in the creative and it made a huge difference. I’m delighted with the campaign’s impact and with Axiom for making the whole process enjoyable.”

What makes compelling content?

Everything we share works in the real world because we are experienced practitioners. Just like you, we’ve been there. We have a wealth of ways to make your content compelling. But here are six we recommend:

It’s visible: Regardless of where your people work, it’s designed and delivered in a way that is both seen and acted upon.

It provides context: It sets the ‘why’ by making the big picture clear and how this communication and its resulting action helps.

It’s consistent: Everyone craves communication especially during times of change. But, as George Bernard Shaw perceptively pointed out, “the biggest problem with communication, is the illusion that it has taken place.” Communication must be consistent and compelling to resonate.

It’s clear: No matter the message, you want it to result in understanding not confusion. Compelling content is clear and concise. Even bad news requires clarity – it employs empathetic rather than evasive language.

It’s involving: Messages from ‘on-high’ never connect as well as those that involve their audience. Compelling communication is two-way, it balances broadcasting with listening to engage an audience.

It’s measurable: Compelling communications aren’t a tick box exercise. You want to know how well others understand and act on your messages. Measuring impact enables iterative content that delivers even better results.

Communicating the complex through creative and compelling content

We’re creative in coming up with ways to deal with all your communication challenges – even the most complex ones. Our work to effectively communicate complex strategy or change is genuinely ground-breaking.

Take our Big Picture concept for example. Blending powerful images and storytelling techniques it delivers compelling content with proven, far-reaching and long-lasting results.

“I’ve really appreciated Axiom’s approach to communicating strategic business change. They helped shape and launch innovative content and onward sharing techniques. We trained colleagues around the world to become Big Picture super users. They’ve been able to cascade complex messages with skill and enthusiasm. This campaign was measurable and exceeded all expectations. Some five years on people still remember and recite our strategy and how it was shared.”