Developing communication skills

At Axiom Communications, we help you bring your key messages to life in every part of your organisation with our communication skills training. We equip your leaders and line managers with the communication solutions they need to be more confident and skilful in engaging their stakeholders.

Communication skills training for your leaders

Employees consistently tell us their preferred way of learning about the things that matter is from their boss. Yet managers, often technically gifted in their field, get promoted into roles with neither the skills nor development opportunities.

Through our communication skills training we give your people the internal communication tools they need to become better communicators who truly engage, inspire and motivate their teams.

How we help with communication skills training

As Internal communication and engagement experts we help with communications coaching and training. We develop your leaders and practitioners to successfully land the messages that deliver action.

Executive coaching

Having advised blue-chip boards, our executive coaches are both highly skilled and valued. We establish your unique needs to determine your coaching match, making sure you get the best internal communication solutions for your business.

With strategic and operational breadth, spanning multiple industries, we’re bound to have an executive communications and engagement coach that can help you.

Download: Executive briefing: The changing face of leadership and how to master it (PDF, 662Kb)

Communication Skills development

With decades of communications know-how we offer a comprehensive series of proven communication skills workshops which can be delivered face-to-face or virtually – and mixed and matched to meet your precise needs. From learning how to communicate lasting change to presentation skills or becoming better and more inspiring facilitators, our workshops provide all the tips, tricks and techniques your leaders and line managers need to get their people thinking, feeling and doing things differently.


Already in the hands of more than 30,000 professionals, our pocket book ‘How to be a better communicator’ is an example of the types of practical tools we can produce to help your people overcome all kinds of communication challenges.

From ‘how to’ help sheets to more comprehensive handbooks, for example on delivering change, we can help you identify and develop the right tools to support better communications.

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Developing Communication Skills case studies

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How to be a Better Communicator book cover (Chris Carey)How to be a better communicator: practical tips for busy managers

Now in its second edition our pocket book ‘How to be a better communicator’ has sold more than 30,000 copies. It is packed with over 200 powerful tips and techniques to overcome all kinds of communication challenges.

It is available in digital and printed formats and, like our other service offerings, it can be tailored to suit your individual needs.

Single copies are available direct via Amazon from less than £5. For those looking to equip their leadership teams, this book can be bulk purchased directly from us and customised in your company’s branding to include a photograph of, and bespoke foreword from, an executive leader in your organisation.

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