Engagement skills development

Axiom’s engagement skills development programmes will equip your leaders with the tools they need to become more impactful when engaging with their teams, stakeholders and customers.

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Our approach

As internal communication and engagement experts, we are perfectly placed to give your people the business communication skills and confidence they need to continue to grow and succeed.

Our communications, engagement and sales skills competence development programmes are built around an unrivalled range of carefully crafted and proven workshops and activities, each element designed to meet a specific need and build the capability of leaders and managers alike.

Our coaches and facilitators – all of whom are experts in their fields and carefully matched to our clients’ needs and culture to ensure the right fit – will lead your people through highly interactive sessions that can be as little as two hours, or a couple of cumulative days, virtually or in-person.

What are the benefits of engagement skills development?

By mixing, matching and creating content to meet your precise needs we deliver tailored training programmes that equip managers and leaders to inform, engage, align and motivate thousands – all the way from the shop floor to the top floor – leading to outstanding business results.

Our highly rated skills development workshops

Our workshops at-a-glance

This interactive PDF shows the full range of our workshops, which can be mixed and matched to create bespoke solutions that meet your precise needs.

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How to improve business performance by getting straight A’s in interpersonal excellence

This workshop will help you unlock the potential of every interaction you have, giving you the tools and techniques to get the best possible results from professional relationships.

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How to create an inclusive ‘Speak Up’ culture by harnessing Psychological Safety

A must for every leader who wants to create an environment in which speaking up without fear of consequence more effectively delivers organisational goals.

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How to present brilliantly online

Discover how to make your presentations leap off the screen and inspire your audience to take action.

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How to maintain a positive outlook

Explore how you can recognise, and act on, the positive aspects of many situations – even in a negative world, full of bad news.

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How to manage and communicate change

Understand how everyone responds to change and learn how you can guide your people to successfully deliver the changes you want to see.

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Book onto a workshop to expand your skills! All our workshops are available virtually and prices start at £200 per person.

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I’ve been hugely impressed by the influence that Axiom have had in driving up the levels of trust and psychological safety that has resulted in significantly richer and more open dialog within the team, leading to higher levels of engagement and ownership.

Chief of Staff, Global IT Function

Why choose us?

We bring decades of experience, gained globally in multiple sectors, of delivering the real world outcomes you are looking for from your skills development workshops. We can therefore truly bring the workshop content to life in your world, enabling your people to genuinely engage, inspire and motivate their colleagues, stakeholders and customers.

Explore the full range of engagement skills development offerings.

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Leadership skills development

What it takes to be an effective leader and the skills to be one are changing at pace. The urgent question to be answered is where, with limited time, should leadership development be focused to secure the best results? Engagement is prerequisite to performance.

Our training and development give leaders, and future leaders, the evolving skills they need to lead effectively in these fast-changing times.

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Management skills development

Being an effective manager ultimately depends on one thing – an ability to engage people. Even those without line management responsibilities need to be highly skilled at getting the best from others, to get the best results. Do your people have the skills they need to engage others when working virtually? Our training and development workshops provide the evolving skills busy managers need to succeed – particularly important when asking people to manage their teams remotely.

Download our Management Skills Development prospectus (PDF, 3Mb)

Personal skills development

Over the next few years the changing face of work will mean more than half all employees will need significant reskilling.*

Organisations need self-aware colleagues who demonstrate emotional intelligence when responding to accelerating change.

Our personal development workshops provide the skills needed to remain resilient, adaptable and focused.

Download our Personal Skills Development prospectus (PDF, 2Mb)

Sales skills development

Sales is a tough and competitive world. Improving sales performance requires teams with professional processes and selling skills.

Our workshops provide everything sales teams need to get customers buying.

Download our Sales Skills Development prospectus (PDF, 2Mb)

Communications development

Bring your key messages to life with our communication skills training. We equip your people with engaging communication tools and techniques, so their messages are heard, understood and acted upon.

Download our Communication Skills Development prospectus (PDF, 3Mb)

‘How to be a better communicator’

This book is jam-packed with practical ways to overcome many communication challenges. Available in print or digital.

Just like everything else we do this book can be tailored to suit your individual needs.

How to buy the book

* World Economic Forum, The future of jobs report, September 2018.

Developing Communication Skills case studies

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I learnt so many easily implementable ways to help me present and engage better online – all brought to life for real, in an online workshop of course.

High Potential Programme participant, Global Portfolio

Learn online with Axiom

Inspired by our skills development workshops our fun, interactive eLearning business communication courses inspire everyone from large organisations to SMEs. Watch, learn and grow as our experienced facilitators teach you the communication skills you need to achieve success.

How to be a Better Communicator book cover (Chris Carey)How to be a better communicator: practical tips for busy managers

Now in its second edition our pocket book ‘How to be a better communicator’ has sold more than 30,000 copies. It is packed with over 200 powerful tips and techniques to overcome all kinds of communication challenges.

It is available in digital and printed formats and, like our other service offerings, it can be tailored to suit your individual needs.

Single copies are available direct via Amazon from less than £5. For those looking to equip their leadership teams, this book can be bulk purchased directly from us and customised in your company’s branding to include a photograph of, and bespoke foreword from, an executive leader in your organisation.

How to be a better communicator podcasts

In this series of podcasts, we focus on key areas of essential communication skills. Learn how to deliver messages so they are understood, retained, and acted upon in your organisation.

Axiom Podcast Episode 1: How to help managers communicate more successfully

Listen to a communication skills blueprint to help leaders and managers engage, influence and inspire their people.

Axiom Podcast Episode 2: How to motivate teams and release their full potential

Listen to our podcast for great advice on how to motivate teams and individuals.

Axiom Podcast Episode 3: How to communicate in times of change

Need to find a better way to communicate change? Then this podcast is for you.

Axiom Podcast Episode 4: How to run successful meetings

Listen to this podcast for 8 top tips for running great meetings.

Axiom Podcast Episode 5: How to present with impact

Presenting with impact – a matter of life and death? Listen to this podcast to boost your presentation skills and confidence.

Axiom Podcast Episode 6: How to ‘write’ the right way

Listen to this podcast to learn the right way to write, based on the popular blog posts from Axiom.

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