Making change happen

Internal Change Communication Strategy

What good is your company’s strategy if it’s gathering dust on the shelves of a few execs? How effective is your change programme if nothing really changes?

Employee engagement requires total clarity about what the organisation is trying to achieve. Everyone needs to know how they can contribute –a line of sight running from high-level corporate ambition through to actual day-to-day activity. We help you inspire and engage your staff at all levels to embrace change, let go of their old ways of working, understand what they need to do differently and take action to make your change truly stick.

Bring your communication strategy to life in your organisation

Three things in life today are true: death, taxes and change. Those who don’t change, quickly become irrelevant in our fast-changing world. It is important to secure lasting change through a communication strategy that comes to life in every corner of your organisation; this is where our expert team can help!

Inspire lasting change

At Axiom Communications, we specialise in working with you to create high-impact internal communication campaigns. These campaigns will ensure that employees understand and support your corporate strategy or other major change and then execute it in day-to-day action.

We support your business to ensure you secure effective change that lasts, engaging your people to get the results that you want.

Get your message straight

It is important to start by defining what you want people to think, feel and do differently. We then help you to articulate the key communication messages and shape them into a convincing narrative (or ‘manifesto’). As part of this, we can facilitate discussions with members of your leadership team.

Involve frontline employees

For the best results you need to involve frontline employees. We recommend that you form ‘sounding boards’. These comprise groups of people drawn from across the organisation at all levels who are made comfortable to express their views and can help develop the campaign to meet the needs of their colleagues.

What is the best strategy to communicate your change?

Once your goals and messages are agreed, our team help you identify the right channels and tactics and then bring it all together in a detailed communication plan. This can utilise a range of traditional and up-to-the-minute communication solutions that will make your strategy or change the STAR (Something They’ll Always Remember).

For some companies, we will use a Big Picture solution, a powerful way to bring strategy to life across the organisation.

Change Management in action

Whether we are providing your change leaders with the skills, tools and confidence they need to make change happen or creating high-impact campaigns to make change stick; we believe communication is only as good as the response you get. We work with you from the start of your strategy through to measuring the impact of your messages. This way we can ensure that your messages are getting through to your people.

Making Change Happen case studies

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We can help you with:

  • Change communication strategy
  • Proven tactical communication
  • Getting your message straight
  • Key messaging manifesto development
  • Identifying where you are now and the communications route to get you there
  • Helping others understand the need for change
  • Managing your stakeholders
  • Moving people swiftly through the change curve
  • Helping colleagues embrace new ways of working to deliver lasting change success