Professional Conference Facilitation

We involve and inspire all of your meeting and event participants, through our engaging, energetic and business-focused facilitators.

At Axiom, we always start with the question why? We feel that to understand the purpose of the event, is to understand the desired outcome. Then we can plan the right route to help you achieve it.

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How we deliver results

Our highly experienced professional facilitators get the most out of your team’s time together – whether at a large conference, small meeting or anything in-between – by consistently ensuring valuable outputs are generated, thus maximising your business result bang for your budget buck.

Through thorough preparation and laser-like focus, we’ll keep your meetings and conferences on track and ensure your goals are met – all the time connecting participants with the content and speakers, so they come away engaged, informed and inspired.

At Axiom, we place huge emphasis on meaningful interactivity – harnessing everyone’s insights, by helping them ‘speak up‘ in an atmosphere of psychological safety.

Our years of experience mean that we can easily pivot between virtual, face-to-face and hybrid meeting models at the drop of a hat – and keep everyone just as engaged.

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What are the benefits of professional conference facilitation?

Our facilitators have a remarkable ability to ‘read the room’ and understand the behaviours and motivations of presenters, panellists and participants alike. They then skilfully navigate through the twists and turns that can occur in any live event or meeting, to still arrive at the ideal outcome.

The Axiom team are highly successful at keeping the energy up – especially in an online environment – using their decades of experience in face-to-face settings, to deliver remarkable results using the latest collaborative technologies.

Axiom brought their experience, expertise and enthusiasm to help us rise to our employee engagement challenges – from strategic intent through to concrete actions in our betting shops. Their ‘can do’ attitude can be summed up by three words close to our hearts at Coral: Bring it On!

Richard Lang, Chief Operating Officer, Coral

Why choose us?

From an improvisation comedian who thrives on thinking on her feet, to an US Olympic team’s performance coach, via an internal communications expert with thirty years of professional facilitation under his belt – our team are the best in the business and adaptable to any situation.

Having worked with a plethora of multinational organisations – we’re adept at working with the subtleties and nuances which comes with global teams.

Providing Professional Facilitation case studies

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