Shaping interactive conferences

As internal communication conference organisers we work with you to design and deliver highly focused, interactive and memorable events that get your speakers and participants truly inspired, involved and taking action once they get back in their day jobs.

At this very moment there are thousands of leaders around the world at their company’s conference dying in a hail of bullet-points. They’ll never take ownership or action because they’ve already disengaged, this can be avoided with Axiom’s expert conference management.

Here’s how we help:

Grounded in today’s commercial reality, we know you simply can’t afford to invest the time, effort or resource needed to convene colleagues for a ‘jolly’ or death by PowerPoint.

We start by asking what you are trying to get your people to do differently as a consequence of your event. Are you looking to host an employee engagement conference to get your people motivated? Maybe you are looking to engage your staff and get them to embrace company changes with a communication change strategy event? Once we have determined your goal, then we help you with any or all of the following:

  • Design a meaningful, high-impact and relevant agenda that plays to the strengths of your leadership team and meets the needs of participants.
  • Provide on stage event facilitation, or develop your home-grown talent to lead the event.
  • Create meaningful interactivity to bring your content to life.
  • Embrace digital solutions to secure real-time audience participation and connect participants with content.
  • Equip your participants to go back to their part of the organisation and inspire their direct reports to take action.
  • Understand how much difference you’ve made by measuring post-event results.

So, whether your event is for 5 or 5,000 we help you deliver your internal communication campaign effectively. Whether you need end-to-end event management or support with certain aspects like design, content, technical production, interactive activities, speaker coaching or delivery. We have all the capability to help you maximise your return on your investment.

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