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Virtual conferencing

It is hard enough to deliver an engaging conference, harder still to do it virtually. Yet, by harnessing tech, we’ve been delivering interactive conferences for years. In the process we’ve inspired thousands to action.

Conferences meet a business communication need. They aren’t cheap so usually that need is business critical. While postponing your in-person conference might work in the short term, can you really wait months to reconvene?

If the answer is no, we can work with you to arrange an impactful, interactive and inspiring virtual event. One that keeps your people talking, even when they can’t be face-to-face.

What are the benefits of a virtual conference?

You have business goals to achieve but securing them just got more complicated. One thing remains unchanged though, you need your people aligned, engaged and performing. Hosting a virtual conference enables you to achieve that.

Without limiting factors, like venue capacity or travel and budget restrictions, you can reach a vast audience in real time. Plus, your event is easy to record so anyone can catch up afterwards.

An online conference can save time, money and carbon emissions. What’s more, a virtual meeting enables you to deliver your business-critical messages immediately, intimately and interactively.

What makes a great virtual conference?

A great virtual conference delivers results by letting your participants interact and engage in a meaningful way. Technology enables genuine collaboration by getting your audience to ask questions, crowd-source solutions, prioritise initiatives and capture personal actions.

How would hosting a virtual conference differ to normal?

Your communication goals, content and key messages do not alter greatly. For example, the right technology enables you to:

  • Deliver keynotes and cut live to senior leaders – wherever they are
  • Run breakout sessions, and
  • Create spaces for virtual networking

The biggest adjustment is in the pre-event organisation. Rather than booking a venue and getting your people to it, you book the best tech, or harness what you’ve already got, and give your people access – be they joining from a personal or business desktop or mobile device.

Why partner with Axiom?

We have been bringing live events to life on – or off – line for many years. We often do it in partnership with, Crystal Interactive – the UK’s leading event technology company and live streaming partners.

Many businesses we work with already opt to virtually conference due to budgetary constraints, weather issues or environmental concerns. So, if you want your conference delivered in a slightly different, digital, way – we can help.

“Axiom supported us brilliantly… They devised the concept and executed the delivery of an interactive, inspiring and engaging event… It improved our managers’ understanding of our strategy. Axiom are easy to work with, creative in their approach and professional.”

How do we partner with you?

The reason our clients repeatedly work with us is because they love our flexible approach, practical solutions, and lasting results.

If you want to reach 50 or 50,000, need end-to-end management or support with certain aspects, we work flexibly with you to make your event not only virtual but vibrant and valued.

Our approach to shaping conferences

We start with the end in mind. We establish what you need your people to do differently and what success will look like. Then we help shape your conference to deliver that. This is the North Star that guides our entire approach to working with you. Our flexibility means you can tap into all or some of our conferencing expertise. In addition to helping you find the best digital solution; our design and delivery services include:

  • Identifying the strengths of your speakers and playing to them
  • Designing a high-impact and relevant agenda and content
  • Creating meaningful interactivity (like real-time audience participation) to bring your content to life
  • Developing and rehearsing speakers
  • Providing conference facilitation services or developing your home-grown talent to lead your event
  • Equipping your participants with the tools and materials they need to leave your conference inspired and able to act to deliver change
  • Understanding your impact and ROI by conducting pre and post event research

When is the best time to host a virtual conference?

We can’t wait for the time when face-to-face meetings are again an option. Until then though, what are you waiting for? Virtual conferencing connects your people to you, each other and your business-critical messages. And it does so in an inspiring, interactive and engaging way.

For more information on our virtual conferencing service, see our case study

We recently shared a wealth of insights about running live events. We gained these having designed and delivered large-scale events for some of the world’s leading organisations – please do take a look: The pleasure and pain of delivering live events. And, if you want your in-house colleagues to become conference organisers or event facilitators – we can also help you develop them for that too. We offer two workshops both of which we can deliver virtually.

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