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Interactive conferences

Our outcome-driven corporate events and virtual conferences meet critical business needs and keep your people and stakeholders talking, even when they can’t be face-to-face.

We’ve been mastering the art of creating live events that use the very best of technology to engage and involve all participants for over 25 years. Impactful, interactive and inspiring, our conferences have propelled thousands into action – both on and offline. So whether your planned conference be needs to be fully virtual, face-to-face, or hybrid, with Axiom it’ll always be interactive and effective.

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Our approach

We prioritise delivering measurable and concrete outcomes and always start with what success looks like for our clients, shaping your conference agenda and using the right technology to achieve your goals, deliver your content and land your key messages.

We deliver results by helping your participants interact and engage with your speakers and content in a meaningful way – often guided by one of our expert facilitators.

The technology we use enables genuine collaboration by getting your audience to ask questions, crowd-source solutions, prioritise initiatives and capture personal actions in real time.

And our flexibility means you can tap into all or some of our conferencing expertise.

In addition to helping you find the best venue, or technical solutions and platforms, our design and delivery services include:

  • Designing a high-impact and relevant agenda and content
  • Creating meaningful interactivity (like real-time audience participation) to bring your content to life
  • Developing and rehearsing your speakers and panelists
  • Providing conference facilitation services or developing your home-grown talent to lead your event
  • Equipping your participants with the tools and materials they need to leave your conference inspired and able to act to deliver the changes you are looking for
  • Understanding your impact and ROI by conducting pre and post event research

Virtual conferencing

What are the benefits?

Hosting a virtual conference with Axiom enables you to help your people align, engage and perform in order to achieve business goals immediately, intimately and interactively – whether local or global obstacles prevent face-to-face contact or not.

Unconstrained by many limiting factors such as venue capacity, time, travel or budget restrictions, a virtual conference will reach a vast audience in real time – and because it’s easy to record, anyone can catch up afterwards.

Great virtual conferences also let you measure their effectiveness – something we at Axiom ensure we do each and every time.

We can harness our experience and expertise to deliver truly memorable face-to-face events too, should local circumstances make this possible.

And we can help you get the best of both the physical and virtual worlds to produce a hybrid event that lives long in the memory, for all the right reasons.

Axiom supported easyJet brilliantly with our annual event for our top 250 managers. They devised the concept and executed the delivery of an engaging, interactive and inspiring event which helped our managers understand and develop their narrative skills and improved their understanding of our strategy. Axiom was easy to work with, responsive to our needs, creative in their approach and professional on the day.

Paul Moore, Communications director, easyJet

Why choose us?

At Axiom, we have been bringing events to life both on and off line for over 25 years, often partnering to provide our clients with the very best interactive technology solutions, to deliver outstanding results.

Our clients repeatedly work with us because they love our agile and swift yet flexible approach, practical solutions and measurable results.

Whether you want to reach 50 or 50,000, need end-to-end management or support with certain aspects, we work flexibly with you to make your event not only virtual, but vibrant and valued.

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