Jeff Archer – Facilitator and Wellbeing Coach


For the last 20+ years I’ve been working with health, wellness and human performance in the quest to help individuals and organisations achieve greater success while reducing the risk of stress, fatigue or burnout for the people who create this success.

As a presenter, facilitator and coach, I specialise in providing practical wellbeing solutions for busy leaders and executives. The mission is to help people turn the theory of great health and performance into the reality of high energy and focus every day by helping them to incorporate exercise, work-life flexibility, good sleep, simple healthy eating and personal resilience strategies into what is usually an already packed schedule of work, family and social life.

I also teach at London Business School on their flagship Senior Executive Programme and I’ve written a selection of fitness, nutrition and coaching books, features and articles.


Family time and exploring the full range of sports and pastimes from getting active by cycling, running, swimming and even combining all three in a triathlon, to watching my guilty pleasures of snooker, darts and American Football.

Happiest times

Long walks in the country or settling down with anything written by Charles Dickens or Fredrik Backman.

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