Natasha Bye – Strategist and Communicator


I’m an experienced strategist, communicator, and comedian. I’m an advocate for clarity, straight talking and humour in business. Whether planning or presenting, taking the time to think of your audience is what matters.

I am a scientist by background, with a PhD in Biology and Biochemistry. I have spent 20 years in the healthcare and nutrition industry. I have held multiple Executive positions within a multi-national environment from Medical Affairs, Communications and Public Affairs through to Sales and Marketing Director roles. Breaking down silos between departments is where the good things happen.

Also, I am a public speaker, trainer and performer in improvised comedy and stand-up comedian. I am as comfortable talking to three people and a dog in a pub, through to 1,000 people at a hybrid conference.


Socialising and meeting other humans; anything funny (especially messing about with my local Improvised Comedy Group); thrillers and horror films; and yomping through muddy fields with the kids.

Favourite musician

Freddie Mercury. He was a phenomenal singer and song-writer, but more than anything he was a superb entertainer. He put his audience first, every time. RIP Freddie!

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