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Creating Psychological Safety. Hands up for some concrete recommendations.

By 12th April 2021May 12th, 2021Tips & tricks
Lady Using Laptop | Axiom Communications

Many organisations now have diverse and inclusive teams in place to help solve business critical issues. That’s great news, but only if participants feel Psychologically Safe enough to actually contribute their thoughts.

So, when trying to generate dialogue, open the conversation up as widely as you can, by asking for comments, reflections, builds, challenges, observations, opinions, the mood of the business… as well as questions… and then give people time to think and plenty of ways of sharing, via their mic, the chat facility on virtual calls, or anonymously, via an elected spokesperson. And when you do get input make sure you fully recognise the person contributing, so others will feel safe and encouraged to follow suit.

Find out more about our approach to achieving Psychological Safety and how to create an environment where your people can shine.