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How to ensure everyone has a voice on your MS Teams calls

By 24th May 2022October 27th, 2022Tips & tricks
Woman working on computer | Axiom Communications

We’ve all been on Teams calls where the leader asks participants to share their questions or insights – and one of two things happen. Either nothing happens and you get that awkward silence… or the usual suspects come off mute and dominate proceedings, blocking out all other contributions. 

The solution… ask everyone to enter their thoughts in the chat facility and go on mute to give them time to reflect and think. Everyone now has a voice and you have the interactivity you wanted. Then ask participants to ‘like’ the items in chat that really resonated with them. Now you’ve got a good sense of what matters most to the group. And it is those items you prioritise for further discussion on your call.

If you want to get your people to speak up, rather than clam up view our workshop on creating Psychological Safety.