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Tips & tricks: Cue successful TCs

By 21st November 2013November 23rd, 2020Developing communication skills, Tips & tricks
Businessman in phone meeting

We’ve all been in telephone meetings when the leader, having just explained the strategy, asks: “Any questions?” – usually followed by total silence, as no-one knows who should go first, then chaos as everyone talks at once!

Instead, like a good radio phone-in host, cue participants to respond: “Jack, I’ll come to your team in the US in a minute. First, I want to seek out a view from Borneo. Jill, I’m sure there are some reflections from you guys?” Or try asking groups of participants to go on mute for five minutes and identify the questions they most want answered.

Tricks of the trade like this are one of the key ingredients in Axiom’s communication skills training