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Tips & tricks: Growing the ongoing impact of your event

By 8th January 2024January 15th, 2024Providing professional facilitation, Tips & tricks
Hand Nurturing Seedlings | Axiom Communications

The key to a successful live event or meeting is ensuring that participants leave engaged and armed with clear actions, then deliver change once back in the workplace.

To achieve this, when planning your interactive conference, it is important to remember the 10/70/10/10 rule:

  • 10% on checking in with leadership and participants alike, to measure where you are starting from
  • 70% on the interactive live event itself, be that face-to-face, fully virtual or hybrid
  • 10% on checking to see if your target audience actually understood and bought into your key message
  • 10% in reserve to remedy matters if your messages haven’t got through in full, or to publicise and celebrate success

Broadening participation, collaboration and action planning will win hearts and minds. This is where a professional conference facilitator can work with you to plan the right route, inspire your people and pave the way for greater success in continuing to drive and embed change within your organisation.