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Tips & tricks: Tops and flops

By 17th April 2023April 26th, 2023Developing communication skills, Tips & tricks
Employees throwing paper into a bin

Do you only focus on the things that have gone wrong?

Team meetings are rarely characterised by celebrations of what has gone well. Instead we often focus on what has just gone wrong and discussions around what we need to do next.

Perhaps under a heading of ‘Tops and flops’ why not make time to discuss the good things the team has delivered, as well as working on what could have gone better still?

It’s time to drive-up dialogue and improve Psychological Safety in your meetings

When you highlight your teams’ successes, you improve moral and leave your team feeling motivated. Organisations that create a safe space and promote high levels of Psychological Safety help ensure their people ‘Speak up’ and discuss their ideas confidently, without the fear of being humiliated or judged.

Driving up dialogue is essential for company innovation, and that means getting everyone involved to take advantage of diverse thoughts and opinions. Are your requests for new ideas being met with total silence, or are the usual people dominating the conversation? If so, one of the best ways to engage everyone and avoid awkward silences is to split your people into smaller groups. This allows everyone to share their ideas and ask questions.

Each group should then choose a spokesperson, to voice their recommendations.

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