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Axiom provides communication and engagement skills workshops and courses for your organisation’s managers and leaders.

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Developing better communicators

Time and again employees say it: Their boss is their preferred source of information, their communication channel of choice. That’s why the best way to influence and engage an organisation’s people is through its supervisors, managers and leaders.

At Axiom we understand the importance of equipping your people with the communication skills they need to engage, align, and inspire others into action, and that’s where our communication workshops come in.

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Effective communication is the cornerstone of successful business, yet too many professionals confuse information with communication. While often used interchangeably, they mean completely different things. Information is about giving out (one-way). Good communication is about getting through (two-way). The world is drowning in information yet faces a communications drought.

Awarded the Nobel Prize for literature in 1925, George Bernard Shaw once said, “the single biggest problem with communication is the illusion it has taken place”. His quote holds true in business today.

Information is not enough; true communication requires active engagement and understanding. That’s why our communication skills workshops not only impart knowledge but also provide, tips, tools and techniques to achieve effective two-way communication.

Our business communication workshops and courses

Axiom offers the widest range of business communication skills training courses. Our workshops cover the most crucial aspects of business communication, including public speaking, storytelling, and writing.

Experienced communication practitioners design and deliver all our communication workshops. They know what works in the real world because they’ve been there.

What you can expect from our communication workshops and skills training courses

  • Practical, enjoyable, implementable
    All our workshops provide full and fun learning experiences. From verbal and non-verbal communication to active listening and conflict resolution, our training courses cover all aspects of business communication. Each shares practical skills for communicating persuasively.
  • Diverse learning formats
    Learning preferences vary, so we offer live in-person or online workshops, pre-recorded eLearning courses, and coaching programmes. We know for a busy professional to gain the skills they need to become a world-class communicator, the learning format must work for them.
  • Customised approach
    Got a specific communications challenge? Whether you want to enhance collaboration, share a vision, or communicate change, we can customise our training to meet your needs.
  • Expert instructors
    All our instructors are experts in their field. They bring a wealth of practical knowledge to their training from their real-world experience. This means workshop participants return to work with the insights, tools, and practical skills they need to begin immediately implementing their new learning.
  • Great value
    Investing in our effective communication training increases skills levels, enhances performance, and improves results. Our eLearning programmes start from as little as £75 and our one-day workshops from £250pp, subject to audience size.

Our highly rated communication workshops

Our workshops all share something in common – they ensure participants leave with tools and techniques they can put into action to get their messages heard, understood, and acted upon.

How to be a better communicator

Looking for a workshop bursting with incredibly powerful and immediately implementable business communication tips and tools? Our most popular communications workshop does exactly what it says on the tin – helps professionals become better communicators.

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How to write with impact

347 billion. That’s the number of emails we send worldwide every day. Written communication (be it an email, article, or report) remains a business staple. The trouble is, far too much of it fails to engage or make an impact. This workshop shares techniques that transform the written word from turgid to terrific.

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How to deliver clear, credible & compelling presentations

Presenting isn’t easy but it does distinguish the best from the rest. This workshop translates presentation insights into actionable tips for delivering a clear, credible, and compelling presentations. Workshops can be tailored for emerging or more experienced presenters, so everyone leaves with what they need to speak up and shine.

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How to tell powerful business stories

The right story, told the right way, can move people to think, feel, or act differently. A well-told story is the most valuable and engaging communications tool an organisation has. This workshop covers the art of storytelling. Participants come away energised and with the confidence to craft, tell, and sell business stories.

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How to have difficult conversations

This practical straight-talking session is a must for any leader. Using real-world scenarios, you will learn to recognise and take responsibility for your leadership role and understand how to plan, deliver and prepare for the outcome of your difficult conversation.

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How to harness the power of your network

Everyone knows networking can be powerful, but creating and harnessing a network can be difficult. This workshop is for anyone looking for practical tools, tips and techniques you need to get the most from networking.

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Ready to improve your communication skills or those of your team or workforce?

Great leaders are great communicators

It’s no coincidence that the best leaders are also the best communicators. With great interpersonal skills they can spot the signals others send about their communication preferences (via things like body language), then agilely flex their communication style accordingly.

Strong communications lie at the heart of successful business, which is why leading businesses invest in advancing the communication skills of their people.

Further Axiom communication courses and resources

With so many of us now working remotely and so much online communication, there’s never been a more important time to be able to virtually communicate and present. Our short eLearning courses, including ‘How to present brilliantly online’ and ‘The power of storytelling’, offer a fast and affordable introduction to becoming a better communicator.

Want 200 practical tips at your fingertips so you’re prepared when you meet one of the many communications challenges thrown at you? More than 30,000 business professionals said, ‘yes please’ and have bought our no-nonsense handbook, ‘How to be a better communicator’. This publication is available as an e-book or paperback, as a single copy or bulk purchase – and can be presented in your brand colours, with a foreword by one of your senior execs, when purchased as part of a bulk buy.


Why should I choose Axiom to deliver my communication training?

We’re confident you won’t find better business communication training anywhere else. Those who develop and deliver all our communications training are experts in their field. We only share practical tips, tools, and techniques that work in the real world because we’ve been there.

Between us, Axiom’s communications experts have led internal and external communication departments for globally recognised brands, we’ve run press offices, directed marketing teams, delivered large scale conferences, coached leaders on public speaking, and navigated businesses through change and crisis situations.

When it comes to business communications, we know what works and what doesn’t. Now we share our learnings to equip others with everything they need for their communications to succeed.

Why are communication skills in business essential?

Poor communication is the most frequently cited reason for misalignment and misunderstanding at work. Organisations quickly learn the importance of their leaders, line managers, spokespeople, and specialists being able to effectively express ideas and communicate.

Effective business performance is characterised by outstanding levels of engagement and there is no engagement without effective communication skills.

From entry level to the executive team, specialist or generalist, we help business professionals communicate well so they can inspire others to action. We’ve helped thousands of people transform their communications at work to get the impact and results they want.

What are the hallmarks of an Axiom workshop?

Practical. Interactive. Fun.

What participants seem to love most about our business communication workshops is that their instructors are experienced and engaging communication professionals, who share immediately actionable and practical learning.

Which course is best for improving communication skills?

Axiom offers a wealth of interactive workshops to help people better communicate and engage others in the workplace. If you aren’t sure which one is right for you, or can’t find exactly what you are after, then we’d love to chat to you.

We not only have the largest business communication training offering in the UK, but we also offer the flexibility to ‘mix and match’ content. It means if you want to build a customised workshop for a cohort or multiple cohorts in your organisation – we can meet your precise needs.

How much do your workshops cost?

We can deliver an expertly designed one-day workshop from as little as £250pp – based on a minimum of eight participants.

We offer virtual and face-to-face formats and can re-build any workshop to deliver the depth and detail you need.

Please contact us for more information or to through how we can build the communication workshop you need.

Do I have to come to a face-to-face workshop to improve my communication skills?

No, not at all. Reflecting the fact that so much business communication now takes place virtually, as a consequence of new ways of working globally. Our workshops take place one-to-one or in teams, either remotely, via eLearning or in person, if you prefer.

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