Developing better communicators

Axiom provides communication skills courses and workshops for your organisation’s managers and leaders.

Time and time again, employees say it: their boss is their preferred source of information, their communication channel of choice. That’s why the best way to influence and engage employees is via your organisation’s managers and leaders – but only if they have the right skills. That’s where Axiom comes in.

Business communication courses and workshops

We have the widest range of business communication courses on offer in the UK.

Through workshops in everything, from: communicating in times of change, to running meetings and events, to business writing – we help your organisation’s managers and leaders communicate with verve.

  • Pragmatic
    Axiom workshops are interactive, practical and fun. We challenge participants to identify how they will apply their learning. To support them, we provide a toolkit of tips and techniques that they can draw on the moment the workshop ends.
  • Flexible
    Courses range from one-day workshops to two-hour skill builder sessions. They can be delivered in person on or off your premises, as well as remotely either online or via video conference.
  • Tailored
    We provide development activities that meet your organisation’s specific needs. We can customise one of our existing workshops or create something new from scratch.
  • Expert-led
    Our facilitators all have tremendous experience in their subject. They are practitioners first, trainers second. That means you can be sure that what they’re recommending and teaching really does work. On top of that, they are all accomplished facilitators able to pass on their knowledge to others and help them develop their skills and confidence.

For more information on our workshops and how we can help you, please download our free Developing Better Communicators PDF:

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