DePuy CMW case study

DePuy Synthes logoFlying high after a glimpse of the future

Communication at DePuy CMW has reached new heights after Axiom helped the orthopaedic equipment manufacturer engage employees in executing company strategy.

We worked with people drawn from all levels of DePuy CMW in a series of Big Picture workshops to co-create a novel, high-impact communication campaign that would inform and motivate staff. The focal point was a Strategy Launch day built around a visual metaphor showing the strategy as a flight from heritage to present-day excellence and on to a future of innovation and growth.

We worked closely with the client to design, manage and facilitate a fun, accessible and memorable event that reached everyone in the company. The leadership team entered wholeheartedly into the spirit of the event, some even taking part in themed fancy dress.

Key aspects of the day included:

  • a ‘countdown to launch’ teaser campaign that grabbed people’s attention and got them talking
  • invitations in the form of personalised boarding cards
  • the first half of the day hosted in a large room on-site that had been temporarily transformed into an aircraft interior (complete with views out of the windows)
  • an interactive presentation of the visual metaphor by senior managers and employees from lower down in the organisation
  • the second half of the day in an external venue set up to resemble a space centre
  • a wide range of engaging flight and space-themed team-building activities culminating in a prize-giving ceremony.

The end result, according to a survey carried out before and after the event, was a considerable shift in the attitudes of employees at all levels.

Since then, DePuy CMW has been implementing an 18-month programme of communication activity to reinforce the key messages and turn the initial buzz into lasting action. Commitments made after launch day are now reflected in individuals’ performance management objectives.

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