Measuring impact

Using a range of techniques, we help you check how well your messages are getting through, being understood and most importantly acted upon – and then help shape activities to celebrate the success of your internal communication campaign and address areas for action.

To what extent has anything you’ve done made a difference? If you are investing time, energy and resource into developing employee engagement conferences and delivering critical business messages shouldn’t you be tracking the extent to which they are landing?

How we help measure communication

We can build measurement research into your employee engagement campaigns to determine what’s been heard, understood and acted upon. We offer a range of independent third-party measurement approaches from more traditional market research (such as web and telephone based surveys, face-to-face interviews, and focus groups) to more innovative interactive employee sounding boards or our digital ‘Engage’ app.

Engage app on smartphoneAvailable now for iOS and Android devices, Engage enables you to quickly and cost-effectively test the extent to which your key messages are being retained and understood throughout your entire organisation or with specific audiences, monitor the mood and even track the word on the street – all in real time.

The most successful communicators follow a circular winning formula to maximise bang for your communications buck – land, listen, learn, adapt and then land again.

We help you by creating a benchmark, providing valuable insights that help you celebrate success and refine your next actions, before benchmarking again.

Measuring the Impact of Your Comms case studies

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