Measuring impact

Our tailored measurement techniques will help you understand the effectiveness of your employee engagement campaigns and set you up for successful ongoing communications programmes.

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Measuring internal communications in the workplace

At Axiom, we check how well your messages are getting through, being understood, and most importantly acted upon. As part of a wider circular strategy of; benchmarking, tracking, evolving and landing your communications, we can help you continually improve.

We will tailor our measurement techniques – from the traditional to the highly innovative – to meet your bespoke needs. Our goal is to help you hear the authentic voice of your employees all the way from the shop floor to the top floor, helping you make better decisions to inform your communication strategy.

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What are the benefits of measuring the impact of your communications?

Partnering with Axiom to measure the impact of internal communications demonstrates a clear commitment to the process of continual improvement and best practice.

Not only do we address the fundamentals of whether a message is landing and being acted upon, we provide you with valuable insights on your employees’ attitudes towards the way your message is delivered, and the way it is interpreted and understood, or misunderstood throughout your organisation.

We can help you get under the skin of your employees feedback, and give you the insights and guidance you will need to move forward in an informed way.

I’ve really appreciated Axiom’s holistic approach to helping HARTMANN communicate change messages more effectively. They helped us shape some innovative techniques to communicate our messages, launch them and keep them alive. A number of our colleagues around the world were trained as Big Picture ‘super users’ to help us own and deliver the messages with skill and infectious enthusiasm. Finally Axiom helped us measure the effectiveness of recently started communications to date. Our partnership with Axiom was really inspiring and the results have exceeded my expectations!

Gabriele Müller, Head of Global HR, HARTMANN Group

Engage to make a difference

Engage app on smartphoneAt Axiom, we can offer real-time communications feedback and measurement via our unique iOS and Android app, Engage.

An incredibly cost-effective, intuitive platform, Engage uses clear, impactful graphic visualisations to generate an authentic, powerful employee voice that is clearly represented as soon as the feedback is received without the need for lengthy analysis.

Engage removes the administrative burden often associated with analysing and measuring the impact of communications campaigns and can effect change quickly and cost-effectively.

Delivering communication insights

In addition to the Engage app, we can also help you with ‘traditional’ forms of research (such as web-based research and employee opinion survey), often followed up by one-to-one interviews to explore in-depth why people said what they did and what their recommendations are for future enhancements.

Measuring the Impact of Your Comms case studies

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