Leadership coaching

“The one thing people are never good at is seeing themselves as others see them. A coach really, really helps.”
Eric Schmidt, Former Google CEO and co-author of Trillion Dollar Coach

Particularly in times of transition or change, leaders need external perspectives and insights that challenge them to think and act differently. Leadership Coaching provides a personalised experience to meet immediate and individual challenges.

Who needs a leadership coach?

Ever notice how the higher you climb the more those around you become agreeable? Sadly, you did not suddenly become the perfect textbook leader, but your elevated status makes it much harder to gain honest feedback. A leadership coach is a critical and supportive friend, they work with you and watch what you do to provide an honest perspective. If you are a leader, regardless of whether you stepped up yesterday or years ago, you need a coach.

What does a leadership coach do?

A coach provides a safe space for a leader to talk openly about the issues and challenges they are facing. Your coach encourages self-awareness, development and growth. In the words of the late American football player and coach, Tom Landry:

“A coach is someone who tells you what you don’t want to hear, who has you see what you don’t want to see, so you can be who you have always known you could be.”

What are the benefits of leadership coaching to leaders?

Numerous studies have shown coaching improves performance, work satisfaction, self-regulation and wellbeing. In an ‘always on’ world, reacting is so much easier than reflection. A coach carves out the space you need to do that – to think about the what, how and why of your leadership.

You will have great conversations in confidence with your coach that; get you to the outcomes you want; hold you to account, and; keep you on track.

Your problem solving, decision making, productivity and results will improve.

What are the benefits of leadership coaching to organisations?

There is a red thread between great leadership, engaged employees and better business performance. Time poor leaders want and need personalised development experiences that quickly deliver results – leadership coaching does that.

Coaching helps your leaders gain perspective, prioritise an extensive workload and increases their capabilities to better their performance.

Your leaders are crying out for external perspectives to their individual challenges, with one-to-one coaching a preferred developmental approach.

Research from City and Guilds shows 84% of employees believe ‘coaching should be part of every business’s management and development programme and those that don’t offer it risk failing to adapt to the future world of work.’

When is the best time to offer leadership coaching?

Coaching will help any leader, at any level, at any time, but it is particularly helpful in times of change or transition.

Change – Leading change and through times of change is one of leadership’s tallest and toughest orders. And in today’s business world, change is constant. Leaders need the resilience and mental agility to adapt. Leadership coaching helps secure these skills and increases a leader’s capabilities – that positively impacts them, those they lead and their organisation.

Transition – Whether it is stepping into leadership for the first time or transitioning between leadership roles. Changing roles often means facing new challenges. Coaching is a proven way to smoothen and quicken transitions. That enables leaders to get back up to speed and leading to the best of their ability again quickly.

In our 25 years partnering leaders from many of the world’s major organisations we have also identified three game-changing business developments when leaders find coaching particularly useful:

Digital – Technology is changing every aspect of business at pace – including the jobs people are doing and the skills they need to do them. Coaching is a fast and focused way to help leaders explore the business impact digital is having and how they can better lead their people into the new technical world of work.

Diversity – The composition of the workforce is changing and one of the biggest, recent changes is intergenerational working. Coaching can challenge a leader’s biases – either hidden or formed by previous experiences – enabling them to better lead their diverse teams.

Deluge – Leaders simply don’t have enough working hours to contend with everything that competes for their attention. Coaching helps leaders visualise their end goal, focus on outcomes, and develop the qualities they need to guide those they lead towards it.

Learn more about these three business game changers that leaders must master in our whitepaper: The changing face of leadership and how to master it

How do our coaching sessions work?

We match a leader’s bespoke needs with one of our experienced practitioners for a series of one-to-one coaching sessions.

These sessions take the form of empowering conversations, which usually last between one and two hours and can take place virtually.

Our coaches understand the demands on leaders because they have successfully navigated it themselves. Our coaching resonates with leaders because all our coaches are experienced practitioners who have been there and now coach others to reach their full potential. It means our coaching delivers visible results.

Our one-to-one leadership coaching, expertly designed and delivered to meet tailored needs, is available from £250 per hour.

Looking to instil a coaching culture within your organisation? We also offer two group workshops giving leaders a day’s deep dive into ‘how to coach others to success’ and ‘how to coach your own team to better performance’.

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