Leadership coaching

Coaching and mentoring from Axiom meets a leader’s immediate and unique challenges. We create psychologically safe spaces for executives to talk candidly, facilitating their growth as effective leaders by encouraging them to better analytical and creative thinking, emotional intelligence, and communications skills.

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The right outcome requires the right partnership

We carefully match every leader we coach or mentor with one of our highly experienced practitioners.

Finding the right coach or mentor determines the value of these unique relationships, which is why we invest time upfront identifying the best coaching approach for individual leaders – both personally and professionally.

We want everyone to find the coach or mentor who is right for them, because we know only the right interpersonal relationship, partnership and coaching model will enable that leader to flourish and reach their full potential.

How our leadership coaching and mentoring works

Once matched, leaders embark on a series of one-to-one sessions, each lasting an hour or two. Tailored to each leader’s individual needs, these confidential conversations vary greatly. But whether it’s confidence-boosting ahead of a corporate conference, addressing challenging interpersonal issues, or preparing for a wide-scale change initiative, our skilled coaches and mentors help leaders think, talk, and walk through the many thorny issues that are occupying their minds, zapping their energy, or constraining their performance.

Our coaching and mentoring gives leaders the time and space they need in our ‘always on’ world to develop their:

  • Analytical and creative thinking
  • Self-awareness and emotional intelligence, and
  • Communications and engagement skills.

Our leadership coaching programs and mentoring encourage the self-discovery and development that’s needed to become an effective leader.

Leadership coaching

Storytelling coaching for leaders

By far the best way a leader can connect with an audience and make their message memorable is by telling a story. It’s something we’ve been helping execs shape and share for approaching three decades.

Our business storytelling coaching programme formalises that experience. Over four one-to-one coaching sessions, each lasting around two hours, we help leaders:

  • Get clear about why they are speaking.
  • Determine what they want their audience to know, feel or do.
  • Develop their content to get their story straight.
  • Rehearse telling that story in the time available.
  • Polish their performance to get the desired result.

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (ED&I) coaching for leaders

By far the most transformative step to becoming a more inclusive leader is to engage with a leadership coach.

Why? Because ED&I is both nuanced and evolving. Plus, each leader’s journey begins in a different place and takes a bespoke path.

Every leader’s journey towards conscious inclusion is shaped by their personal beliefs, experiences, and awareness (both of themselves and others).

While leaders often want to become more inclusive, many share a deep-seated fear that they will say or do the wrong thing – so they subsequently say and do nothing. And they don’t discuss the subject with their peers, for fear of being seen as not knowing.

A leadership coach with a strong understanding of inclusion, like Axiom Associates, Jiten Patel or Sharon Pegg, creates a private and safe space for a leader to be vulnerable and let their guard down.

Our inclusive leadership coaching provides a place where a leader can:

  • Be open, without fear of judgement.
  • Confidentially (re)assess their knowledge gaps/behaviour shortfalls (including arranging and working through Implicit Association Tests).
  • Bridge gaps and shortfalls with tailored support & learning.

Why choose us to help develop your leadership?

Clients tell us our coaching and mentoring programmes deliver noticeable shifts in self-awareness and positively enhance leadership behaviours, skills, and style.

Axiom’s executive coaches and mentors understand the demands of leadership because they’ve successfully navigated them – having held leadership roles at international organisations. Their experience, coupled with the tools and techniques their coaching and mentoring provides, is a powerful combination that enables executives to evolve into greater leaders.

Our coaches and mentors act as critical and supportive friends, who aren’t afraid to hold leaders to account. We help them gain perspective, prioritise, and personally develop.

Coaching and mentoring with Axiom not only improves a leader’s performance, self-regulation, and well-being, it also has a ripple out effect within their organisation. Having themselves experienced this development style, many adopt a more coach-like approach within their own teams – improving psychological safety, engagement, and culture, organisation-wide.

Truly successful companies have a higher level of Emotional Intelligence, more so I think than academic or business intelligence because it’s about how people work together. If you are looking to create a high performing team, I’d thoroughly recommend Axiom and this programme.

Craig Armstrong, President, Scan-Pac

When is the right time for a leader to work with a coach or mentor?

The only wrong time for someone to work with a coach or mentor is when they are closed to their own self- exploration, self-improvement, and self-development. For those with a growth mindset, who are curious about themselves and others – this supportive development style, which meets every individual’s unique needs, is arguably the most transformative available to leaders and their organisations. That said, there are critical junctures in professional life, when finding the right coach or mentor proves of immeasurable value. Here are some of those:

When new to leadership

Many professionals get recognised and rewarded with advancement based on their technical or functional abilities. Yet once promoted into leadership they fast require a new set of people and management skills. Emerging and new leaders benefit greatly from having a coach and/or mentor to help them navigate leaderships challenges and develop their leadership style.

When leading change

Leading through times of change is one of leadership’s tallest orders, especially when a leader is themselves personally impacted by said change. Successfully leading through change requires resilience, the agility to adapt, and communications excellence. Whether an organisation is experiencing disruption from digital, working to diversify and become more inclusive, or struggling to help its people focus on what matters most among the information deluge, our coaching and mentoring can help leaders successfully navigate change.

When transitioning roles

Even the most experienced leaders need a haven and helping hand when leaving the familiar behind and stepping into a new challenge. Be it a new team, department, or business, we enable a leader to get up to speed and lead to the best of their ability – particularly when all eyes are on their first 100 days.

When there is a communication or engagement challenge

Effective communication and engagement lies at the heart of just about everything Axiom has delivered for approaching three decades. So if you need to take an entire workforce, your team, your stakeholders or a conference audience with you on your journey we are very well-placed to help you.

We’ve been guiding execs from world-leading organisations for the best part of three decades. Our experience, expertise and approach to leadership development remains highly valued by emerging and evolving leaders during their most challenging times.

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How to develop high-performing teams

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What is the difference between coaching and mentoring?

Coaching helps a leader define and get clarity on their challenges, with the coach serving as a guide who enables them to find their own answers from within.

Mentoring is based on the exchange of knowledge and experience. A mentor can share their experiences of similar situations to enable their mentee to learn from their insight. In addition to their guidance, mentors can also inspire, challenge, and support.

Coaching is one of the most powerful partnerships a leader can enter to develop themselves and maximise their potential, but it’s not necessarily right for every individual or in every circumstance. Those new to leadership, for example, who may not yet have all the answers they need within, might benefit from mentoring or a blended programme of coaching and mentorship. One of the things those we partner most value about Axiom’s services, is our flexibility – it’s why we can offer mentors, coaches, or a blended approach.

What are the benefits of leadership coaching?

Coaching provides a leader with the opportunity to step away from the day-to-day, to focus on themselves, and discover how they might be getting in their own way to be the leader they aspire to be. We help leaders self-reflect, tease out their critical and creative thinking abilities, and offer them the tools and techniques to succeed.

How much time is involved in leadership coaching or mentoring?

Be it a coaching or mentoring relationship, to make a meaningful difference to performance, we recommend setting aside at least two hours a month for six months – perhaps even a little more in the early stages of a new partnership.

Does leadership coaching work?

In short, yes. Our clients report a significant increase in their performance as leaders, enhanced levels of confidence and wellbeing, together with decreased levels of stress.

How much do your coaching and mentoring services cost?

We charge for these services hourly with prices starting from £250 – this is subject to a leader’s individual requirements and the credentials of the coach or mentor they seek.

We can offer everything from newly qualified coaches, to those with decades of coaching experience with elite Olympic sports teams or FTSE CEOs. But whoever we believe would offer the best match from our team, what we will always offer are professionals who have reached the top of their game and have the coaching or mentoring expertise to help a leader succeed.

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