Leadership coaching

Leadership coaching from Axiom meets leaders’ immediate and unique challenges by providing a safe space for executives to talk openly and candidly, facilitating effective leadership through self-awareness, development and growth of not only themselves, but their organisations.

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How leadership coaching works

Following extensive consultation, we match a leader with one of our experienced practitioners for a series of one-to-one coaching sessions in the form of empowering conversations, usually lasting between one and two hours. Paired both personally and professionally, and with an eye on particular leadership styles, we’ll ensure the fit is right in order to inspire and motivate.

Completely tailored to the particular needs of each individual leader, our coaching programmes can address needs as varied as a confidence-boosting session ahead of a corporate conference, addressing challenging interpersonal issues, or preparation for a Global change management programme.

Expertly designed and delivered to meet specific needs, but consistently improving communication and engagement skills, we coach clients from £250-£450 per hour, subject to individual requirements.

Leadership coaching

Why choose us?

Our effective coaching programmes quickly deliver visible results and improved performance. Axiom executive coaches understand the demands faced by leaders because they have successfully navigated them – we’ve been there, done that, ourselves in leadership roles at international organisations. When coaching a client, we can easily put ourselves in their shoes and help them become an even more effective leader.

We are a critical and supportive friend, not afraid to hold leaders to account, and help them gain perspective, prioritise an extensive workload and increase capabilities to better their performance and personal development.

Coaching from Axiom not only improves performance, but self-regulation and well-being, with the benefits not stopping with leaders, but filtering down to employees through the importance we place on fostering Psychological Safety.

More than just a buzzword, to us, psychological safety is key. Our coaches help leaders foster a high performing environment in which employees are engaged and feel safe to speak up with their insights, ideas and concerns, ask for help and discuss mistakes without fear of being humiliated or punished – leading to a more innovative and successful organisation.

Truly successful companies have a higher level of Emotional Intelligence, more so I think than academic or business intelligence because it’s about how people work together. If you are looking to create a high performing team, I’d thoroughly recommend Axiom and this programme.

Craig Armstrong, President, Scan-Pac

When is the best time for leadership coaching?


Leading change – and leading through times of change – is one of leadership’s tallest and toughest orders. Today, change is constant and we all need the resilience and mental agility to adapt. Our coaching helps secure these leadership skills and increases capabilities – that positively impacts leaders, those they lead and their organisation as a whole.


We enable leaders to get back up to speed and lead to the best of their ability again quickly during a transition in roles.

Whether stepping into leadership for the first time or moving up, down or along the ladder, coaching is a proven way to smoothen and quicken transitions.

Digital development

Our leadership coaching is a fast and focused way to help leaders navigate the business impact of ever-evolving digital. We explore how they can better lead their people into the new technical world of work, as it changes every aspect of business at pace – including the jobs people are doing and the skills they need to do them.


We help challenge a leader’s unconscious biases towards diversity in all its forms, improving emotional intelligence and enabling them to better lead their teams and effectively communicate in unprecedented times of change – particularly in intergenerational working.


Our coaching helps leaders visualise their end goal, focus on outcomes, and develop the qualities they need to guide themselves and those they lead towards it. In the face of not having enough working hours to contend with everything that competes for their attention, Axiom coaches are invaluable when it comes to navigating the deluge and improving time management.

With over 25 years spent guiding senior leaders from many of the world’s major organisations through a myriad of changes, Axiom’s coaching experience will see your business’s leaders’ professional development take off even during the most challenging of times. Get in touch to find out how.

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