Sharing your big picture

We help you realise your purpose with big picture communication. Through powerful frameworks, storytelling and imagery, we help your people understand what you want to achieve as an organisation and how their day-to-day contribution matters.

“I have a dream.” What Martin Luther King did in 1963 was paint a vivid picture that inspired action and changed the course of history. Leaders across the globe right now are dreaming about a better future for their business. But few will ever paint their big picture vividly enough to convert their vision into reality.

How we help with big picture communication:

We start by helping you identify the thread that connects your purpose, vision, mission, ambition, values, behaviours, strategy, objectives, business plans and change programmes. We encourage employee involvement, from the shop to the top floor, in this process as it’s proven to drive ownership, results and maximise return on your investment.

Then using our insights, we help you communicate the big picture for your organisation in ways that enable everyone, at every level, to contribute to your success.

Without an overarching story running through your communications, colleagues often see a jumble of unrelated activities. We help your sometimes seemingly disparate business activities make sense to colleagues. We do that by helping you join the dots back to a single, compelling and overarching story. One that sets out ‘why’ your organisation exists and galvanises everyone to make it happen.

Then we help leaders explain your organisation’s story in a clear, consistent and compelling way. We have a wealth of proven techniques and frameworks we can employ to help you do this but by far the most popular and impactful are:

  1. We create a metaphor and present it as a visual image. We work with your people to establish what metaphor works best. The end result, in pictorial form, helps others visualise your big picture, where they fit in and how they contribute to its success.
  2. We help you agree a simplified common language. This helps everyone internally understand and discuss strategic issues. Then we create a key message manifesto to help all your leaders consistently re-tell your story and its key messages.
  3. We embrace the power of storytelling and visual imagery – the world’s most effective communication techniques to help you communicate and realise your big picture.

The most powerful big picture communication stories are shared deep within an organisation and then measured. They are creatively brought to life in ways that change behaviour to become truly transformative. Many of our clients blend ‘activation’ and ‘measurement’ elements from other Axiom communication disciplines – positively compounding their results and impact.

We’ve helped many businesses embrace our big picture approach and it has won them awards. Most importantly though, it has won them business results. After using our big picture approach, 93% of people managers at Manchester Airports Group, agreed they understood how they could contribute to their strategy.

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