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You have a new strategy, new ways of working, new goals and targets – and now it’s time to take your entire workforce on the journey to success by sharing your Big Picture.

Harnessing the combined powers of the visual image and storytelling, Big Picture Communication from Axiom will rally employees behind your organisation’s strategy and help them understand the value of their contribution, via the creation of a stunning visual metaphor and the narrative to go with it.

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What is a Big Picture?

A Big Picture from Axiom is an expertly crafted, detailed visual metaphor for the journey your organisation is embarking on. From mountains to climb, oceans to navigate and rockets to launch, it exploits the power of images and storytelling to make your strategy inspiring and relevant throughout your organisation.

A potent way to show where an organisation has come from, its position today and where it’s going, it brings to life the journey of where your colleagues fit in and how they can become part of the success story – uniting them via a common language and focal point that connects quickly on every level and changes behaviour in a truly transformative way.

Give us 10 minutes and a big picture graphic and we can bring your strategy to life - so that everyone in your organisation gets it.

Chris Carey, Managing Director, consultant and facilitator, Axiom Communications

With innovation and creativity at their heart, Axiom’s Big Pictures are brought to life in myriad ways – from conferences to office lobby installations, and from employee incentives to everyday collateral, digitally, in print or both.

Sharing your big picture - hitting the heights

Axiom’s approach to the Big Picture

We start by helping you identify the thread that connects your purpose, vision, values, behaviours, strategy, objectives, business plans and change programmes, joining the dots back to a single, compelling and overarching story. One that sets out ‘why’ your organisation exists and galvanises everyone to deliver their part of success.

In order to develop an original visual metaphor for your big picture communication we encourage discussions with senior management and representatives of front-line staff. This method drives ownership, advocacy and results, maximising return on your investment.

Then, we help leaders explain your organisation’s story in a clear, consistent and compelling way, via the metaphor and its presentation as a visual image and supporting notes – the starting point for your Big Picture programme.

Our brains remember 80% of what we see, compared to only 10% of what we hear, and 20% of what we read.

Professor Martin Paul Lester, California State University, Syntactic Theory of Visual Communication, 2006

How will the Big Picture help my organisation?

The Big Picture approach will:

  • Help leaders explain the organisation’s strategy and how it will be delivered clearly, consistently and compellingly
  • Trigger storytelling – a very effective communication technique – throughout the organisation
  • Provide a common language and reference for staff to understand and discuss strategic issues
  • Show colleagues how they can contribute to the success of the organisation

Typically, the Big Picture is used as the centrepiece of a major event that launches the change campaign. It then forms the basis for cascade briefings and action-planning discussions between line managers and their teams across the organisation. This is what brings the strategy to life locally.

You will receive not only the Big Picture, but a huge amount of supporting material, training options and expertise to enable leaders to retell the story.

What makes Axiom different as a consultancy is that they work as part of your team and endeavour to understand your culture and goals and work with you to achieve them. They are committed to providing an end-to-end service that is second to none, and add immense value to anything they are involved in.

Liz Douglas, Manchester Airports Group

Helping businesses paint their Big Picture

We’ve helped many businesses embrace the big picture approach and it has won them awards. Most importantly though, it has won them business results. After using the big picture approach, 93% of people managers at Manchester Airports Group agreed they understood how they could contribute to their strategy.

Big Picture case studies

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