Making change happen

What’s gone wrong with performance management?

Employees are not engaging with their work and their organisation as well as they should be. Download a Powerpoint slideshow summary of Axiom’s research to find out what we’ve discovered about the current status of performance management.

Sharing your big picture

The Big Picture approach

Download this handy PDF flyer and discover how to engage the entire workforce with Axiom’s Big Picture Approach to strategy communication.

The Big Picture infographic

Images and storytelling are a fantastic way of bringing corporate strategy to life and communicating vision, strategy and change. Download our infographic to see the facts and stats of visual communication.

Shaping interactive conferences

Axiom conference services

People come away on a high after an event designed, produced or managed by Axiom.

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Fire your middle managers with enthusiasm – at live events

At Axiom, we know what it takes to deliver clear, concise and compelling messages with high energy impact. Transform your attendees into participants, and your middle managers into role models with our top tips and advice.

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Providing professional facilitation

Axiom facilitation

Energetic and inspiring facilitators who can take your event to the next level. A top-notch facilitator can make all the difference in making your event a knockout success.

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The pleasure and pain of delivering live events

Axiom helped commission some research on the pleasure and pain of delivering live events. Our goal was to help communications professionals compare experiences and shape future actions. Read the full report here.

Designing and delivering digital content

Using video to increase employee engagement

At Axiom, we know how the latest mobile and digital technology can be used in internal communication. Whether it’s intranets and websites, apps, podcasts, video or slideware, we have the ideas, technical expertise and resources to help you engage your employees with cutting-edge digital solutions.

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Developing communication skills

Skills workshop handy guide

Communication skills courses for your organisation’s managers and leaders from Axiom, the employee engagement specialists.

How to be a Better Communicator I

Listen to a communication skills blueprint to help leaders and managers engage, influence and inspire their people.

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How to be a Better Communicator II

Listen to our podcast for great advice on how to motivate teams and individuals.

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How to be a Better Communicator III

Need to find a better way to communicate change? Then this podcast is for you.

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How to be a Better Communicator IV

Listen to this podcast for 8 top tips for running great meetings.

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How to be a Better Communicator V

Presenting with impact – a matter of life and death? Listen to this podcast to boost your presentation skills and confidence.

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How to be a Better Communicator VI

Listen to this podcast to learn the right way to write, based on the popular blog posts from Axiom.

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Measuring impact

Engage: The employee engagement app

Download our PDF brochure to find out how our groundbreaking, highly interactive employee engagement app delivers the insights, information and intelligence you need to engage your people – direct to your laptop, desktop or smart device and all in real time.