Interactive conferences

You need your live corporate events, virtual conferences and hybrid meetings to be interactive, outcome driven and delivering benefits long after your event has ended.

We help you deliver that. Our conference specialists and producers support you every step of the way – from planning, design, and delivery, through to measuring the success of your event.

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Our approach to interactive conferences

For near-on 30 years we’ve been creating compelling conferences and interactive events, both in person and online.

We harness engaging techniques and technology to inspire, inform, and involve your participants to deliver measurable results.

Partnering world-leading organisations in the UK and internationally, our tailored conferencing and event solutions have propelled tens of thousands of event participants to take action.

Conference organisers return to us time-after-time because they value our creativity, agility, practical solutions, partnership and coaching.

Whether your event demands a fully virtual, face to face, or hybrid conference approach, with Axiom it’s always interactive, engaging and effective.

Conference production and management services

We work with you to manage your conference from start to finish.

We start with what success looks like for you and your organisation. That often means helping you shape your agenda, sourcing the right venue and technical solutions, and teasing out the key messages you want your people to leave with.

We can offer compelling content for presentations and coach your speakers to deliver it with a standout performance.

The interactive activities we co-create will get your audience asking questions, prioritising initiatives, crowd-sourcing solutions, and capturing personal actions – all in real time via live polls and bespoke apps that maximise psychological safety and drive-up meaningful dialogue.

Our flexible approach enables you to tap into all or some of our expertise:

  • Shaping your event strategy and conference design.
  • Finding the right venue or platform for you.
  • Designing an agenda, set and content to bring your messages to life and engage your audience.
  • Identifying your key messages.
  • Driving up interactivity, via traditional and digital techniques.
  • Creating compelling content to support them.
  • Coaching and rehearsing your speakers and panellists.
  • Providing expert facilitators or developing yours to effectively facilitate.
  • Equipping participants to onward share and action your key messages.
  • Measuring your ROI and success with post-event research.

Whether you want to reach 50 or 50,000, need end-to-end management or just want selected support with certain aspects, we will work flexibly with you to make your event vibrant, memorable and highly-valued.

Axiom supported easyJet brilliantly with our annual event for our top 250 managers. They devised the concept and executed the delivery of an engaging, interactive and inspiring event which helped our managers understand and develop their narrative skills and improved their understanding of our strategy. Axiom was easy to work with, responsive to our needs, creative in their approach and professional on the day.

Paul Moore, Communications director, easyJet

What are the benefits of using Axiom for your conference?

Delivering a conference with Axiom enables you to help your people align, engage and perform better to achieve your organisation’s goals.

Live events

With decades of experience in the event industry, we can harness our expertise to deliver events that live long in the memory. Taking full advantage of the fact that you’ve pulled everyone together under one roof, we will help you shape your agenda and interactive exercises to engage and inspire everyone to deliver outstanding business performances.

Virtual and hybrid conferences

Unconstrained by limiting factors such as venue capacity, time, travel and budget restrictions, whilst minimising your carbon footprint and maximising your environmental track record, an online conference or hybrid event can reach a vast audience in real time – and because it’s easy to record, anyone can catch up afterwards.

Interactive conferences FAQs

How do you make a conference interactive?

We use technical and traditional facilitation techniques to ensure your participants care about and connect with your content and speakers.

Where can a conference be held?

For in-person and hybrid events we find venues:

  • That seat everyone comfortably
  • Where everyone can see and hear the on-stage action
  • With sufficient and accessible break-out rooms
  • With fast and reliable internet connections
  • With good transport links, parking, and accommodation (onsite or nearby)
  • That provide an inclusive range of food and drinks
  • That are considerate about their environmental footprint and neighbours
  • That offer outstanding levels of customer service

If you go fully virtual, we’ll find you well-lit spaces to present from, access to the right virtual or hybrid event technology and fast and stable internet connections.

How does a virtual conference work?

Virtual conferences connect speakers and participants via technology from anywhere in the world, to engage with your content.

We’ll provide you with the right level of interactive platform technology to create the best possible virtual environment for your speakers, panellists, participants and conference organisers alike.

Good internet connections for everyone are essential, as are plenty of breaks on the agenda, since conferencing via screens is far more tiring than attending in-person events.

What are the best virtual event platforms for my event?

Most people can access MS Teams or Zoom, but if you want your virtual event to stand out then call us and we can guide you through a wide range of more powerful and engaging interactive tech solutions that will meet your exact needs and budget.

How do I ensure my presenters perform brilliantly?

Not everyone is a confident presenter, yet to connect with and convince an audience, your speakers must deliver their content clearly and compellingly. We can provide your speakers with one-on-one coaching, group engagement skills development workshops and eLearning courses to enable them to perform brilliantly – be it in-person or online.

How do I encourage participants to get involved and ask questions?

Create an environment of psychological safety so that participants feel comfortable enough to get involved and ask questions.

Use interactive tech which enables participants to make real-time contributions anonymously.
Build in plenty of well sign-posted opportunities for people to interact with your speakers and content.

And, make heroes and heroines of those who do get involved, so others follow suit.

Professional facilitation also makes a big difference – we can offer you our own expert facilitators or help you train your own people to do so.

How do I ensure participants take action after the conference?

Tell participants from the outset what your expectations are of them.

Make it super easy for them to take the actions you want.

And measure to what extent your participants demonstrate the right levels of understanding, take the right actions and exhibit the right behaviours post-event.

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