Virgin Media case study

Virgin Media logoGiving Angels wings in their new communication roles

When Virgin Media took the bold step of appointing 15 of its call centre staff to new roles as full-time communication champions – or Angels – it needed them to be effective from day one. Axiom worked with the in-house training team to design and deliver an intensive and inspirational induction week that equipped the Angels to succeed.

The five-day event covered an array of communication skills from building relationships with stakeholders to making presentations, writing engaging content, and running meetings and events. Just as important, delegates had the chance to examine their individual goals, identify their strengths as communicators and team players and work on their areas for improvement.

The week culminated in delegates creating an innovative, high-energy video in which they set out what they would deliver as individuals and as a team.

The Angels came away from their induction with the knowledge and skills they needed to be effective communicators – as well as the confidence and motivation to make a big impact in the business.

What our client says

“We knew we had appointed some talented people, but we couldn’t have predicted just how much they would develop as individuals and as a team during the induction week. They benefited greatly from Axiom’s deep knowledge and responded well to the lively, engaging style. Every one of the 15 Angels scored the induction week five out of five on their feedback form and the good vibes have continued long after the event. I’m now more confident than ever that the Angels will deliver in their new roles.”
Helen Hayes, employee engagement business partner, Virgin Media

What delegates said

  • “The best training I have ever been part of.”
  • “Simply brilliant – super clear, motivating!”
  • “I was completely gripped. I came away feeling I know what I need to know in my role.”
  • “I feel I have learned more relevant stuff in one week than in full terms of university.”
  • “This week has been superb. Great fun and so much learned.”
  • “Thanks for making me laugh and making me think.”
  • “You really do make me feel that anything is possible! Not only in this role, but in my life. Thank you.”

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