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The pleasure and pain of delivering live events – how do your experiences compare?

By 18th June 2019February 7th, 2022Blog, Providing professional facilitation
Lady Holding Tablet Screens | Axiom Communications

Have you heard the one about the conference that began so badly it never ended?

5,000 leaders from 10 countries gathered for three days, but were all sent home after 24 hours. The agenda was blown so far off course that the damage was irreversible.

That’s a very extreme, although true, example of the pleasure and pain of delivering live events, but how do your experiences compare?

  • Who’s running live events these days?
  • Why are they running them?
  • What’s frustrating them?
  • What are the hot topics everyone is talking about?
  • Where are they focusing their efforts?
  • How are they allocating their budgets?
  • What trends are they seeing?

Live events research – Summer 2019

To gain more insights into your experiences and enable you to benchmark those with your peers we are inviting you to take part in a quick and easy piece of research covering the latest industry trends. We are conducting this research in collaboration with our long-term partners and event technology specialists, Crystal Interactive.

To say thank you for completing this Axiom / Crystal Interactive live events survey, you will receive exclusive early bird access to a report that your feedback will help shape.

The survey report is available mid-summer.

We look forward to your kind participation; and to sharing the data that might just help you enjoy the experience of delivering your live events with confidence that you are doing the right thing going forward, as opposed to your conferences being characterised by one big headache you wish you’d cancelled before it got going.