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How ‘Tour Guide Barbie’ can give you a helping hand at your live events

By 3rd July 2023July 24th, 2023Blog, Providing professional facilitation
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How to guide leaders and participants to reach new heights

As professional conference facilitators we have often been described as akin to tour guides. Our job is to work with you and your speakers to engage event participants and take everyone in your organisation with you on your journey.

At Axiom, we quite like this ‘tour guide’ metaphor. So, how do our event facilitators help leaders and participants reach new heights in their organisations, before, during and after an event, conference, or meeting?

Being clear about base camp

As the American author Suze Orman rightly says, ‘It’s impossible to map out a route to your destination if you don’t know where you’re starting from.’ Researching the well-worn paths that leaders and participants have already walked will help shape a fresh and relevant approach to the event – and ensure no one accidentally treads on any thin ice. Desk research and a number of structured interviews with key stakeholders are ideal ways to achieve this.

Agreeing what peak performance looks like

It is important to be super clear about where we’re going. Co-creating total clarity about the destination and direction of travel is key if the facilitator is going to be ideally-placed to help you get there and help both the speakers and participants stay on course. This should be expressed in terms of outcomes – the things you want participants to be thinking, feeling and, most importantly doing, as a consequence of your event – formally signed off by leaders.

Mapping the routes to success

Good facilitators have a wealth of experience in agenda design, ice-breakers, energisers, interactive exercises, generating dialogue, problem solving techniques, team activities, ways to bring the content to life, tips to help presenters shine, calls to action, etc. All this needs to be harnessed and mapped out in a highly detailed playbook, so that everyone involved knows the routes to success and their role in delivering it; conference organisers, speakers, technical partners and participants… everyone.

Guiding at the summit

Having partnered with you every step of the way, by the time the event itself comes around, facilitators will be uniquely qualified to do what they do best: Make it as easy as possible for the speakers to play to their strengths and deliver outstanding performances, ensure the participants have the best experience possible and guide the meeting, metaphorical compass in hand, towards success – despite the many unplanned diversions, rockfalls and crevasses that inevitably crop up and throw the unwary off-piste.

Taking the next steps in the journey

Now you might think that the impact the facilitator can make stops at the same time that the event does. But we hold a different view. Built into the process from the outset we ensure the key messages from the event actually leave the conference room and are brought to life in every part of your business, by newly inspired participants and through the teams they lead. A great facilitator can advise on how to achieve this and help ensure that the ‘next steps’ are truly taken.

At Axiom, we have approaching three decades of experience in designing and delivering Interactive conferences as well as professional facilitation. If you want to achieve your business goals and help your organisation reach new heights, then contact us today!