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Tips & tricks: The ego has landed

Ladder Man Moon | Axiom Communications

Is your professional facilitator more interested in delivering success for your business, or in their own ego?

When hiring a facilitator choose one who will only ever be satisfied when they have helped you deliver success for your business, your leaders and your meeting; as opposed to simply satisfying their own ego.

It is essential that you are able to easily and confidently communicate with your facilitator. You must take every opportunity to share your insights on how the conference is going, live and in the moment. You are sure to know the audience better than they do. It is essential that you work together to ‘course correct’ and get the best out of your event. So, ‘check-in’ regularly during the event with your facilitator, to ensure your participants don’t ‘check-out’.

Neil Armstrong, a very humble man, famously declared ‘The Eagle has landed’ on a significant day in world history. So, make sure your event participants never declare ‘The Ego has landed’ as the facilitator steps up on stage on a significant day in your company’s history.