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Harness over 26 years of experience to learn ‘How to Present Brilliantly Online’ – in little over 26 minutes

By 20th September 2022October 23rd, 2023Blog
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To truly flourish, the best ideas also need the best presenters. The difficulty is, the best ideas often fall by the wayside simply because the person sharing them can’t quite connect with or engage an audience. And it is even more difficult online.

There’s no doubt these innovative thinkers know their stuff. Their big idea has the potential for positive change – it might even be a future cash cow. Alas we’ll never know because while their idea may be brilliant, their presentation skills aren’t, so instead of being ripe for the picking their beautiful idea withers on the vine.

It’s an all-too-common story, yet it needn’t be because presenting brilliantly is a learnable skill. Indeed, there are a few fundamentals that can shift a presenter’s performance from zero to hero.

And let’s face it, in today’s competitive world there’s not an organisation out there that can afford for their people to have great ideas, then fail to effectively communicate them.

It’s either innovate or stagnate. And stagnation sucks even leading companies into oblivion. We know that half the Fortune 500 from 2006 (that’s the largest companies by revenue), no longer exist. What we don’t know though, is how many had the right people with the right ideas who were unable to communicate them. Might some of those businesses have remained in flight rather than tumbling into plight?

And with the increase in remote working, global project teams and geographically dispersed colleagues and clients the ability to present brilliantly, online, has never been more important.

Be honest, when you look around your team or organisation are there people who struggle to communicate their ideas and make an impact? If so, Axiom has a brand-new offer that can help anyone learn how to present brilliantly online.

We’ve been helping leaders effectively communicate their ideas for over 26 years and, along the way, we’ve learned as much as we’ve shared. So much so that we’ve distilled the most critical insights into an interactive, e-learning programme with will help you present brilliantly online in a little over 26 minutes.

We’ve packed the programme with Axiom’s practical and immediately implementable tips and techniques – guaranteed to help any professional, from any industry, learn how to present brilliantly, particularly online.

Comprising four chapters, the e-learning covers:

  • The best presentation practices from the ‘old world’
  • What we need to do differently when presenting online
  • How to keep everyone fully engaged throughout
  • How to facilitate using MS Teams

Presented by two of Axiom’s professional public speakers and facilitators, Chris Carey and Natasha Bye, the pair take participants through 10 questions they need to ask and answer before putting pen to paper, as well as offering a blueprint for successfully planning their content. Then they offer powerful tips and techniques for helping presenters connect with and engage their audience.

Natasha Bye, who presents all over the world about how organisations can better communicate complex business strategy, says:

“I come from an academic science background. Early in my career I learned the hard way that I couldn’t convince an audience of anything by drowning them in facts and figures. If I could gift the world one thing it would be to stop brilliant people from hiding behind their technical expertise. My intent with this course is to share some of my learning so others can recognise their mistakes and do something about them. I want people finishing this short course being able to present with impact, to secure the outcomes they want.”

In a highly engaging programme Natasha and Chris share the fundamentals needed to both design and deliver an impactful presentation – either in person or virtually.

This slick, professional and affordable resource is accessible at the click of a button, at whatever time of the day works best, for a year from point of purchase. So, if you or someone in your team struggles to effectively engage others with their ideas or has am important presentation coming up, then this is a quick and easy way to sharpen their skills.

And why not checkout our sister product too, ‘The Power of Storytelling‘ – to help you set new standards in how you communicate.

This presentation skills programme is part of Axiom’s new, e-learning series designed to help busy business professionals engagingly communicate to deliver better business results. If you or one of your team would like to become a better presenter, please do take a look at our eLearning courses or contact us today!